Wine, Cookies & Groomer

When we mention a “bath and a haircut” to Benji, he goes crazy. I don’t know if he associates bath and haircut with being dropped off at the groomers or not. Benji needs the groomer more often than Bella and BooBoo. If you notice the red around his eye, he was born with this and the only time it is noticeable is after grooming. Benji is very temperamental with us touching his face. He will go “Cujo” on Hubby and me if we mess with his face. But every groomer Benji goes to always compliments us on how well-behaved he is. Hubby and I can only imagine he is so scared that he is on his best behavior. Our three fur babies have been going to groomers every five or six weeks since we got them.

We were able to snag a quick appointment at Pampered Pooches. They did a great job grooming Benji and the price was very reasonable.

The Groomer location is on Red Bud Lane, the lane from hell. The Big Boy Truck barely fit in the parking spaces in front of their building. We could not back out and go out the way we came in so we figured we would drive a little down the road until we found a place to turn around. Words cannot describe this road. I didn’t take any pictures or videos because I was too busy holding on to the grab handles in the Big Boy Truck. Hubby said he never drove on a road like this and we’ve been on some really scary mountain roads. This road had more twists and turns than a rollercoaster. What was worse than the twists and turns were the hills that were straight up and once we crested the top, we could not see the road any longer. What if there was an animal crossing the road or worse yet a car or person on the other side of the hill? We had to drive a good five or six miles before we could find a place to turn around. Then we had to go back.

The Moonshine store is within walking distance of the campground. I decided to take a walk and visit this store. I was not interested in moonshine but buying some wine was a little appealing to me.

I bought two bottles of wine. So glad I have a corkscrew in the camper.

I’ll drink the wine and Hubby can eat the cookies I made for him.

The sky is either beautiful or scary.

Many days the clouds look like the images below and not a drop of rain comes down.

I’m still happy with the speeds of my T-Mobile jetpack hot spot.


And Be Kind To Every Kind!

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