GLAMPING with BooBoo, Bella, and Benji, Our Story!

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About Us:

We are a retired married couple that wants to follow the sunshine, view the mountains, hike the trails and enjoy a fun relaxing life with our three little puppies

We sold our home/property and all of our possessions to buy our dream RV and travel the United States with our three adorable, well-behaved Shichon puppies. 


We are Roy & Linda Rae.  We met in December of 1994.  We married on June 26, 1999.  We are both currently retired and enjoying retirement but we want more.

Our three puppies are BooBoo, Bella, & Benji.

 About Linda,

I grew up in a small city in Pennsylvania.  Did all of the normal things growing up.  I had a best friend, Sandi.  We were born 2 weeks apart.  We were more like sisters than friends.  Back then you got married, had children, and lived happily ever after.  I got married, didn’t have children, and didn’t live happily ever after with my first husband.  Got divorced.  In the next 15 years, I would be single.  During those 15 years, I did everything I wanted to do as a single lady.  Traveled with girlfriends.  I got my higher education.  And worked my way up the corporate ladder.  I retired as a Vice President at a very large bank.  I worked hard to get there. My job allowed me to travel both by car and by air.

In 1985, I survived an F5 tornado that ripped through our area.

My motto is “treat people the way you want them to treat you.  And I hope I’ve lived up to this motto.

I have one sister who is my best friend.  Parents are both deceased.  I have three nieces that are my life. Now I have two great nephews that are my heart.

About Roy:

Roy also grew up in a small town.  Married young.  Had three children, all grown and married, Roy got divorced.  His first marriage didn’t last but lasted longer than my first marriage.  Roy and I met through a personal ad in the local paper.  We married.  Roy retired early because his job allowed for full retirement after you were employed for 30 years.  Roy enjoyed being home working in and around the home while I enjoyed working outside of the home.  We are best friends.

About the Pups:

Roy throughout time has always mentioned he loved these little dogs called Shichons.  They were little dogs that looked like teddy bears.  They are actually nicknamed Teddy Bear dogs.  I kept saying No, No, No.  We had freedom.  We could come and go as we pleased.  I was adamant.  Absolutely no.  Each time Roy brought it up, I said NO.

We were having lupper (lunch/supper) with our friends and Roy brought up how cute these little puppies were. I had a soft moment and said “ok”.  It wasn’t long after that we were picking up our little puppy at the breeder.  He was as cute as a button.  And he was tiny.  We had to name him.  We took a poll on FB so our friends could help us name him.  BooBoo was it.  Since then, he has picked up a few nicknames.  Boey and Boeymagooie.  He was the joy of our lives.  BooBoo is lovable and I can cuddle with him and he loves the attention.

I don’t know who had the idea, me or Roy, but we wanted another puppy.  So we were on the hunt and found a little puppy we wanted to go look at.  It was a few-hour drive but well worth the drive.  As soon as I saw this cute little girl, Roy saw the look on my face and he immediately knew she was coming home with us.  She would be named Bella.  She was 6 months old when we got her.  Bella’s personality is the total opposite of BooBoo.  She does not like to be held.  We call it the turtle when we pick her up and her front paws swing out and push us away.  She is all girl and she prances around the house like a baby deer.

We weren’t done.  OMG, whose idea was it this time?  Never say “let’s just go look”.  That never works.  If you are going to look, you are going to get it.  We wanted to just go look at this little boy because he was just a short 45 minutes away.  I was on the internet and just surfing and somehow happened on the page that advertised this cute little pup.  It was a Sunday afternoon and we were bored so we got in the car and it happened.  Later that night we would be making room for one more.  For more info on Benji, read my blog page.

Our family is complete!