Play by Play Wind Day

This is one time I am glad I am in my sticks and bricks home.  But, what if I was in the 5th Wheel.  We had advanced notice of this wind event so would I pick up and head out of harm's way.   I believe if I had advanced notice, I would play it safe.  …

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Paper Calendar, ME???

Anyone who knows me, knows I have every technical gadget on the market.  I have IOS and Windows.  I have cameras.  I have 3 different video editing programs.  I am an expert in every Microsoft Office program there is.  I can do Pivot tables in Excel.  I keep an electronic calendar. But I still love …

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Selling All Possessions “STUFF”

When I tell people what we are doing, most people tell me they are jealous.  One of my customers told me that his wife wants to do what we are doing.   He, on the other hand, does not want to do what we are doing.  I tease him that I'm going to give his wife …

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Cold Outside & Vegan Bean Carrot Soup

It's snowing and I'm cold.  My fingers are crossed that this will be my last winter in Pennsylvania. I've been exceptionally cold this winter. I'm making some really good vegan bean/carrot soup today.   I spiced it up with Tumeric. Turmeric is a spice with a peppery flavour and a mild smell. It’s orange in color …

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They get along!

All in all, they get along.  BooBoo, Bella, and Benji are really well-behaved furbabies.  They do have their moments.  There are times they get in a frisky playful mood and then the fun begins.  But after playtime, they need to rest.  They cuddle and take a nap.  

They Say It’s Your Birthday!

It's my birthday too, yeah!  I love The Beatles.  But if you know me, what I do not love is "hoopla". Hoopla:  busy excitement or a lot of public attention for an event or activity My birthday was this past Thursday.  It was a work day and as I was passing the office in the morning, coming to work, near where my staff …

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These Three

These three cuties will be traveling the United States with us. BooBoo (top left) was the first fur baby to enter our family for his forever home.  BooBoo is the most lovable pup.  Allows me to cuddle with him all of the time.  In bed, he needs to be close. Bella, (right) is our little …

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January is over

I think the older one gets, the faster time goes by.  January is over.  February is upon us.  Today is Superbowl Sunday.  Thursday is my birthday.  Friday is Molly's birthday.  Monday, February 18th is a bank holiday and I took off on February 26,27, 28 and March 1.  I travel to Erie this week, central …

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