Being salty is the same as being bitter towards something or someone or can be used to describe someone who is "angry, agitated, or upset, I am Salty.  My car is salty.  The roads are salty.  All of this because of the weather.   Let me explain why I am "salty".  I am bitter towards the weather. …

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Free or Cheap Camping – How to find them.

As I perform my daily research by reading blogs, Facebook pages and watching YouTube videos, I will update this page.  Below are different websites that will help you find free or cheap camping. RV Village Whether you just need to know where to camp nearby or you want to plan a free camping …

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Practice Makes Perfect

We watch a lot of YouTube videos.  When we go full time, I will have a blog (this one) and a YouTube channel also called GlampinginmyRV, Riding in my sidecar.  I want my YouTube videos to be interesting.  My favorite YouTuber that I follow is Traveling Robert, followed by Changing Lanes RV, followed by KYD …

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Who wants to go outside?

Not me.  37 degrees at 3 pm and that's not bad considering the sun is not shinning.  Ice and Snow still on the ground.  So, hubby, BooBoo, Bella and Benji and I are watching Traveling Robert on Youtube. BooBoo wants attention. Bella resting. Benji helping me compute.

Ice ice baby Ice ice baby

No, not the song.  Ice is falling from the sky.  136 days until retirement then if ice falls from the sky, I can stay home.  Luckily when i drove to work today, the roads were treated and not slick.  The drive home was okay also.  But as I was nearing home, the freezing rain turned …

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Early Planning – My estimated budget

This is very early planning and very much estimated.  I feel it is very much necessary to think about what we will need to live the lifestyle we are used to living.  I want my full time living to be a daily adventure. Below is a detailed explanation of what I feel it will cost …

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Our GoldWing and SideCar, Pups and Me

I put this together quickly to give you an idea of what we are all about.  Right now, we live in a sticks and bricks house.  When I retire in 4 months, 18 days, we will sell everything, buy our dream truck and 5th wheel toy hauler, gather up the pups, the Wing and sidecar …

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Three Little Pups

BooBoo  was our first fur baby.   BooBoo was born on  11/2/2016 and came to live with us on January 7, 2017.  The first 6 or more months with BooBoo were very trying for the hubby.  BooBoo was a terror and love to bite.  Not so much bite me, but would bite the hubby constantly. …

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RV Things

I'm a planner.  I've been planning going full time for ten years.  I know which 5th wheel I want.  We know which truck we want to pull the 5th wheel.  I read other full timer's blogs and watch their videos.  I pay attention to what people advise me that I might need.  These are "things" …

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