Great Smoky Mountains National Park

I am always excited about a road trip. This road trip would be to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

Unless you park, get out of the Big Boy Truck and wait your turn, It’s hard to get a picture of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park sign without people standing in front of it. Hubby forgot to wash the windshield so my images won’t be crystal clear. Hum!

There are three tunnels on the section of the road between Gatlinburg and Cherokee in the Smoky Mountain National Park.

We were lucky to see a herd of Elk. The Elk crossed the road right in front of us.

BooBoo and Benji get excited when we put down the windows in the Big Boy Truck and they get to look out.

There are many areas that have pull-offs/overlooks with beautiful scenery.

There was a place to pull over and let faster drivers pass. We drive the speed limit, which a lot of time is 35 mph. Everyone is in a hurry these days. If they want to drive a road course, they should stay off of these parkways.

We pulled over and I told Hubby I was getting out to take a picture of this beautiful babbling brook.

This stream was very close to the road, but if there was room to put out a few lawn chairs, I could have sat there and listened to the water flow over the rocks all day.

Our babies are the best riders.

We stopped at Dairy Queen in Cherokee for a break. The inside of Dairy Queen was closed and it’s hard to maneuver the Big Boy Truck through the drive-thru so Hubby didn’t get his banana split. But the fur kids got to get out, do their business, and get a drink of water.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and Slow Down and Smell the Roses.

4 thoughts on “Great Smoky Mountains National Park

  1. Pat Ault

    I love the Smoky Mountains! Have been going there since I was in college in Maryville. One of the main reasons we picked Tennessee to move to 15 years ago. I miss Tennessee…


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