A Day in The Life at Cove Creek

The only Con here at Cove Creek is the size of our site. It is 55 feet long. We have to park the Big Boy Truck at an angle which is a bit of a pain to make sure we are off the road, but the biggest con about a site this size is we cannot put down our deck. We really don’t miss the deck right now because it is very hot outside and the humidity is very high. It’s also been storming/raining every day and it is in the forecast to storm and rain all of this week.

This is the view I see when I look out of the window next to my bed.

This building is the office, camp store, lounging area, and a room for activities. This is where Bingo is held.

Wooden bears are everywhere. We have not seen a real bear yet. The setting here would be conducive for us to see bears. Wonder if we will or not. The building by the pool is another area that holds a game room. The small laundry room and restrooms are also in this building.

I went to Bingo and I won twice. I estimate there were only around 12 or 13 of us adults attending Bingo. so it was easy to be a winner at least once. Tennessee does not allow for cash prizes so we win gifts. We each get two cards and we use chips. Bingo is free to play. They play 15 games and it goes fast because everyone is only watching two cards. They also offer snacks. there was a veggie platter, a fruit platter, cookies, and cupcakes.

They have a table with the gifts and when you win, you go to the table and pick your gift. I won a regular Bingo game and picked the glasses. I also won the last game which they call a “blackout”. We call it a coverall. The Blackout game’s gift was the coffee/soup mugs.

Sammy. If you like McDonald’s Egg and Sausage McMuffins, you will love my Sammies. This is Hubby’s favorite breakfast. We nicknamed this breakfast “Sammy”. Most mornings, I ask Hubby if he wants a Sammy for breakfast and he always says “yes, if you don’t mind”.

This park offers cable TV, but Hubby can’t get his Nascar races on their Cable so we hooked up our Dish Network. This is the only place we could put the satellite to get a good signal. I remind Hubby to not run it over when backing into our site. People on FaceBook’s Full-Time RVers forums always ask why people watch TV when camping. We are not campers. We are RVers. There is a difference. We are in our 5th wheel 24/7/365. We watch TV.

Pack up the babies (fur) and grab the old ladies (me lol) and go shopping.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind.

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