February Reserved. TEXAS – The Lone Star State!

Dickinson is a city in Galveston County, Texas, within Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area. We booked the month of February in Texas today.  The RV resort called Marina Bay Lake Cove.  They currently have availability for January and February.  We reserved for February.  Our 5th wheel will be a "back-in" spot right on a beautiful …

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Our Adventure Awaits! Preliminary Planning.

We are hoping to be on the road by October 30th.  We have to be in Wekiva Springs FL on December 1 due to us having reservations at Wekiva Falls RV Resort. Due to the weather, we need to head south, but beings this is our first attempt of driving a 44 ft 5th wheel, …

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What have we been doing?

All we've been doing is pretty much waiting.  Waiting for the 5th wheel to be built.  Waiting for the truck to be built.  I've been researching stuff.  We still need to find an RV park/resort to stay at for the months of January & February. Due to moving out of the old homestead and moving …

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Harvest Host & Thousand Trails

As of now, I am members of Harvest Host and Thousand Trails.  I will soon be joining Passport America. Currently, I belong to Harvest Host and Thousand Trails. I got a fee one-year membership for Harvest Host.  It was a promotion that came along with a purchase I made.  I will talk about the TOGO …

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Bought our First Necessity for our 5th Wheel – VIAIR!

We bought our first necessity for our 5th Wheel today.  It's a VIAIR 45053 Silver Automatic Portable Compressor Kit (450P-RV).  This is a necessity because air pressure is very important for our tires.   A month or so ago, Chad and Tara from Changing Lanes helped me out.  I was having trouble getting information from Grand Design …

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Had another garage sale and Storage Unit in the belly of the 5th wheel.

Yesterday and today, we had another garage sale.  By the end of today, after two exhausting days, we put "FREE" signs on the tables and left the stuff in the front yard.  I don't ever want to see that JUNK again.  One lady backed her SUV into the driveway and loaded up.  I was thinking …

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Wekiva Falls Whoohoo!!! December

This is a first for us.  We made our first reservation.  After much research and watching YouTube videos, we picked a park.  We made a monthly reservation at a camping RV resort called Wekiva Falls for December.  We have to wait to book for November because we are not sure when the RV and Truck …

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Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, & Mar

The building of our 5th wheel is estimated to be completed around the end of September.  I should soon have an exact date.  We were told 2 months for the truck to be built.  Our sales rep and the rep that ordered the truck for us from Montrose GMC thought the truck would be ready …

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Washer/Dryer or Laundromat

Washer/Dryer or Laundromat If we get a washer/dryer, so we get stackable or combo?  Vented or Non-Vented. Well, we decided to get the Washer/Dryer stackable vented. Below is what we ordered.  We will have the dealer install it.