If you are following me, you will probably see that I needed a break writing my blog. We had an amazing summer adventure. I blogged almost every day. We are currently relaxing most days.

On our Wild West Adventure, we saw three rain showers in 103 days. Looking back at our 103 day Wild West Adventure, we stayed in 38 different campgrounds in 103 days. That was 38 set-ups and 38 tear downs. Although we had an awesome trip, we were a little exhausted by the time we got home to our homebase in PA. It is nice to be stationary with family for a month.

Our month at the home base went fast. It’s time to head south. Our last few days at the hombase, it rained all day bringing in a cold spell. This coming week will be cold. Family and friends will be missed. The cold, rainy, dreary days won’t be missed.

Dark clouds are typical for Pennsylvania.

This month has been super busy spending time with family and friends.

Being home, I am able to attend a vegan dinner event. Thanks to Dr Jen, we had a table of eight offered to my niece for a plant based dinner. Thank you to Dr. Kathy Padgitt for yet another fantastic event, celebrating community, delicious, healthy food all while supporting our Second Harvest food bank.

My nieces have an online boutique. There are time when they have a pop-up. This pop-up was in my sister’s basement.

I really enjoyed babysitting these two cuties. This was for sure the highlight of being home. As cute as they are, that is how funny they are. I will miss watching them grow up, but with technology these days, I will watch them on video chat.

Dentist time. My niece and nephew-in-law have their own dentistry. Lucky me. Steve is an awesome dentist. Chelsea is a awesome dental hygienist. They are both caring and knowledgeable professionals.

It was time for a hair appointment. Gianna Cherry is my stylist and she did an awesome job. I got both color and a cut. Thanks Gianna.

When we were home in the spring, I got some work done by a Periodontist. I have an implant that needed bone reconstruction. Jennifer Zavoral is awesome. I had a follow up meeting.

I switched my cell service to T-mobile. I was there for three hours. I moved everything from Verizon and to my Hubby’s plan at T-mobile. He has had T-mobile for over a year and had much better service and data plan than I had at Verizon. I actually went to Verizon to upgrade my phone. I was going to upgrade to a 12 but the 13 was rolled out and Verizon said they cannot activate a 12 because they were only permitted to activate the Iphone 13. She said to come back on Monday. She said i could buy my phone that day and go back to have it activated. What??? Really??? I left with the mindset that I would not be back. Not only do I have a newer phone, I did end up with a 13, I got a jetpack, and a free tablet. I got my watch switched over. And we are saving around $40 a month.

We took our fur kids to Buhl Park. Buhl Park is a lovely park in our hometown. All of my life I’ve spent time at this park. When I was a teen, I attended dances at the Casino every Tuesday evening during the summer. It was a meeting place on Sunday afternoons where everyone in town would meet and drive around the park. When we felt like we needed exercise, we would meet at the park and walk. Back in the day, we would ice skate on the frozen lake.

Today, we would walk our fur kids at the park I grew up in.

Spanning 270 scenic acres, the Park offers green spaces and lake views, playgrounds and recreational areas, fitness and biking trails, gardens and wetlands, innovative sports facilities including the Nation’s only FREE 9-hole golf course, a swimming pool, shelters and event rentals, and an off-leash dog park. 

Say yes to the dress party. My youngest niece and our cousin are both getting married in 2022. Molly and Loren went to Washington DC to find the perfect wedding dress. Loren lives in Virginia and Molly lives here in PA. Washington DC was a fun weekend for them. They both found the perfect dress. Molly’s dress was ordered and delivered to her house in PA while I was traveling out west. They waited until I got home for Molly to have her dress party so we all can see Molly trying on her wedding dress.

My sister is an excellent vegan cook/chef. She put out a magnificent vegan table of food and desserts. We celebrated with Champagne. Molly’s soon to be Mother-in-Law just said yes to her future husband and will be married on New Years Eve. What a celebration that will be. Ring in the New Year with a New Husband. Molly’s wedding will be at an upscale resort in Florida in June of 2022.

Tested negative for the VID. Caught a typical PA fall cold. But I was around a lot of people and I felt I needed to get tested. Lost a whole week not feeling good. Mercy Health was running low on rapid tests I had to wait three days to get the results. Glad I was negative.

These three cuties are confined to an area in the 5tth wheel. They have full access to the kitchen/living room when we are traveling. When we are stationary, they have full access to the whole 400 square feet.

I had to drive the Big Boy Truck. I had a dentist appointment. A very important one. I can drive the Big Boy Truck, I just prefer not to. It is so big.

The three pups wait patiently as we do some work outside.

I had lunch with Denise. We have a favorite restaurant. Station Square in Youngstown, OH.

I went to JoAnn’s SheShed ribbon cutting celebration for her SheShed.

I was lucky to get a spot at the Mercer KOA. They were 100% booked and had a waiting list of 9 campers. Hubby’s brother and SIL were staying there for a few weeks. They put our name on the list. Not only did we get a site, we got one of their 100 ft long, level, full hookup sites. This was perfect because it gave us the opportunity to both empty our tanks before we head south and visit with family.

Got to spend time with family on Hubby’s side of the family. It was really damp and chilly. You’ve all heard the saying, chilled to the bone. My bones hurt I was so cold. Even sitting by the campfire, I was cold.

The day before we leave, I spend time with my sister and nieces. This year, it was lunch at the winery and shopping at the Grove City Outlet mall. I never say goodbye, I always say see you in a few months.

I am so looking forward to spending our winter in Florida.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


  1. Pat Ault

    When were you at Mercer Koa? We were there the weekend of the 8th. If you were there, I wish I would have known so we could have visited you. Next time you are in town, let me know.

    On Sat, Oct 23, 2021, 12:18 PM Glamping in my RV wrote:

    > glampinginmyrv posted: ” If you are following me, you will probably see > that I needed a break writing my blog. We had an amazing summer adventure. > I blogged almost every day. We are currently relaxing most days. On our > Wild West Adventure, we saw three rain showers in 103 ” >


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