Heading South for the winter! Summersville Lake Retreat RV Resort & Wytheville KOA.

It’s time to head south and as usual, we take our time as we are never in a hurry. We have to be in Florida at our winter resort on November 1st.

October 18, 2021 – Summersville Lake Retreat RV Resort. This one night stay is our third time here at this campground. We like it here. This stay, we are in a different site and we like it much better than the site we were in during our previous stays. It is a corner site with plenty of room. The site is very long and level. I love the lighthouse in the middle of West Virginia. It is a working lighthouse. Some day, I will take the tour that is offered. We will be back. This will most likely be one of our “goto” places to stay when we go back and forth from Florida to our homebase in PA.

Our campground has a view of Summersville Lake.

October 19, 2021 – Wytheville KOA is our next stop. Again, this is a return visit and a one night stay. Again, we are in a totally different area of the campground than our previous stays. It is amazing how empty some campgrounds are when we arrive and by the end of the day, there isn’t an open site available. Probably because the majority of campgrounds we stay in are minutes from major interstates.

There is a beautiful flower garden right behind our site. The flowers are vibrant with color.

October 20, 2021 – Our next stay is moochdocking at Jim and Jennifer’s. I always get a little anxiety backing into their driveway as it is on a busy two lane road and we have to back in between a gated entrance. Jim always has workers stopping traffic for us and they help us back in. Hubby does an excellent job. I am very relieved when we are backed in and set up. We will be here for eight nights. Hubby and daughter will spend quality time together. Hubby’s son Jason lives a few hours away and he will come to visit on Tuesday.

Last year, Jim put in 50 amp service for us. What more can we ask for?

Jennifer and Jim have animals on their property. A horses, a donkey, cows, goats, turkey, chicken and a pot belly pig.

We are very lucky to have professionals in the family. We have medical professionals back at our homebase and Hubby’s daughter is an awesome hair stylist. She grabbed her dad and sat him down in the chair. Thank you Jennifer. You did a great job on your dad.

Dan Nicholas Park is right down the road and we took the pups for a walk. Dan Nicholas Park is home to a campground, lake, carousel, train, gem mine, aquarium and nature center, animal habitats, and more. This is a nice place to visit and our fur kids love their walks here at this park.

Benji can be a hand-full (literally) at the park. There are times Hubby has to carry him because he loves to go crazy barking and trying to attack other dogs in the park.

Not only are we visiting family, we are taking this time to get some maintenance and enhancements done on the RV and Big Boy Truck.

Another professional in the family is Hubby’s son Jason. He has three business locations where his business tints windows. We are getting our front door side windows tinted. Jason is coming to visit on Tuesday. I will post pictures after Jason tints our windows.

Jim has a thriving business and he has workers that work for him. We were needing some work done on the underbelly of our 5th wheel. The underbelly lining that holds up the insulation was falling down in a few places. We were going to get angle iron and run it sideways in a few places, but after Jim and one of his workers assessed the situation, they felt they could fix the problem without using angle iron. The worker fixed our issue and now the underbelly looks like it did when we bought our 5th wheel. Thank you to Jim and his worker.

BooBoo loves to look out the window in the 5th wheel. He will stand there for a long time just watching out the window.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.

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