Days 100, 101, & 102 & 103.

Wednesday, September 15, Day 100

We are staying at the Elkhart Co. / Middlebury KOA Holiday. This will be a two night stay.

Check-in was quick and easy. The staff was friendly. We didn’t need an escort because we could see our site from the reservation office.

We have a level, gravel site with full hookups.

Bird houses are hanging from the tree. We have a nice patio with outside furniture and a fire pit.

The pool is still open.

This campground was nice, but very noisy. Not the campground’s fault. Big 18 Wheel trucks use their jake brake when coming to a stop on the busy road that the campground is on. This starts at the crack of dawn.

Thursday, September 16, Day 101

We are in Amish country.

When we check into our campground, we are given a brochure that shows the map of the campground and all of the rules are listed. This brochure had advertisements for surrounding businesses. Guess what catches Hubby’s eyes. Yep, a Bakery.

This Bakery is on a country road in a little white house.

Hubby makes his purchase.

I seriously do not know what this is. I thought it was pretty interesting so I took a picture of it.

Our 5th wheel is a Grand Design. Many RVs are built in Indiana. Grand Design was four miles from our campground. We drove by. There were thousands of different models parked in grass lots and most likely ready for transport to dealerships.

Friday, September 17, Day 102

Checkout today was 1 pm. We are not in a hurry today. We get on the road at 11:00 am.

Today would be an easy day. Our drive time is around two hours. You can tell we are getting closer to our homebase because the roads are horrible. This is I 80 toll road. Yes, we had to pay to drive on this crap road.

We are staying at the Toledo East / Stony Ridge KOA Journey. Is that stop sign for us.

Check-in is 2 pm. We get there 15 minute early. Check-in was quick and easy. We had an escort to our site. The staff here is very friendly.

We have not seen a stink bug the whole time we were out west. We are in Ohio and our screens are infested with this ugly critters. They are trying their best to come in. They need to stay out.

We have a level, gravel site with plenty of shade. Today is the first time in months that it was not windy and we put out our awnings.

The utilities were near the front of our site so we pull the RV up to the front of the site so we had to park the truck in the back.

We have a patio and picnic table.

The camp store is small. I’ve noticed that KOA Journey campgrounds all have smaller stores. The KOA Holiday campgrounds have large stores filled with everything from camping supplies to gifts like t-shirts.

This KOA has cute cabins. There is a gazebo near the playground so parents can watch the kiddies play.

You know you are getting closer to home when you see the swimming pools covered. This is the first campground we’ve stayed at where the pool was closed. Winter is coming.

Saturday, September 18, Day 103.

We are at our homebase today. It was an amazing 103 days. Our Wild West Adventure is over. We pulled into our homebase at 3 pm.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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    Glad you had a safe fun trip.  I know the family is gad to have you home.  Enjoyed your posts.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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