Day 70. North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Monday, August 16, Day 70 of our Wild West Adventure.

The Grand Canyon is probably the least favorite of all of the National Parks we’ve visited. We’ve been to both the South Rim and the North Rim years ago on one of our motorcycle adventures. The North Rim was only two hours away from our campground so being this close, we had to see it again.

Again, our America the Beautiful pass got us free entry into the park and amazingly, again there wasn’t a line of cars at the entry point. It is like we have the whole park to ourselves.

It is so sad how the wildfires in Washington, Oregon, California, and the state we are in, Utah, are affecting air quality let alone destroying acres and acres of beautiful landscape. The smoke in the air is very visible and annoying. We get to leave. Residents of these states will have to live with this smoke until these fires are under control.

The South Rim is two hours south of the North Rim and is very commercialized. We won’t be making that drive on this trip.

There was a path leading to an area where it was a good place to capture some pictures.

I got off of the path to get a selfie. Stayed away from the edge though. It’s a long way down.

There are plenty of open parking spaces in the visitor area of the North Rim.

We are so comfy in our Big Boy Truck. Today, each pup got to get out and walk around. The pavement was not super hot because it was a nice day. The temperatures were perfect.

BooBoo is the best on a leash. Benji wants to go fast. He digs in and gets so dirty. Bella has to smell everything on the ground.

We didn’t spend a lot of time at the visitor area. We took pictures, walked the pups and since we were two hours away from our campground, we decided to head back. While still in the park, we noticed a road leading to an area off of the beaten path. There was a warning sign saying narrow road with winding curves. What is new? We took the road.

There was a pull off with a story board about fires at the Grand Canyon.

We got a few more pictures from a different vantage point.

We stop at a another pull-off once back on the main park road. Too many trees to get good pictures.

Since I can’t get nice pictures of the canyon, I captured a picture of the Big Boy Truck.

On the way to the Grand Canyon, BooBoo got antsy so we stopped in a pull-off along the road. Usually his being antsy is a sign that he has to potty. False alarm on this stop. He fooled us.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if you plan on visiting National Parks, the America the Beautiful pass is the way to go.

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