Anxiety, Benji Has A Grooming Appointment.

My anxiety will be through the roof today. If you don’t already know this, my fur kids are a most important part of our lives. We take extra care to make sure they are kept safe, healthy, happy and loved. BooBoo and Bella can go longer between groomings. Benji’s fur grows so fast and needs groomed more often. BooBoo and Bella allow me to trim their faces. Benji wants no part of us trimming his face. He does not snap at his groomers because he is scared. If I try to trim the fur on his face, he snaps at me and growls. He has (knock on wood) never bit me but he shows us that he is the boss.

It is very hard to find groomers while on the road because we move weekly and sometimes even daily. And groomers are booked weeks in advance. I hate big box stores for grooming but we have no choice. Benji is going to get groomed today. I will be a wreck from the time we drop him off until we pick him up.

Benji’s fur is so thick and his paws are like mops. He is miserable in the hot temperatures. At night, even with the air conditioning on, he sleeps on the kitchen floor because it is cooler. He will get a bath and haircut today.

We cannot wait till we get back to our homebase for our fur kids to all get groomed. We have a terrific groomer back at our home base and I trust her completely with our fur kids. BooBoo, Bella and Benji make themselves right at home at her salon. We also have a very good groomer in Florida.


We got to the groomer early. I’m always early. I went in with his vax papers and talked to the groomer. Benji waited in the Big Boy Truck. I didn’t know if they would be ready for him early. I liked his groomer. She had a good aura. I did tell his groomer that Benji does not allow us to touch his face or ears but all of his groomers say he is good for them.

My sister asked why I was nervous. I told her I get nervous when we use Big Box Stores for grooming. She said “if someone stole Benji, don’t worry, they would bring him back”. So True!

Benji’s grooming went well. His ears were matted, which I knew. We told his groomer it was okay to shave them. It’s not the first time. They grow back fast.

Hubby went in to pay and pick up Benji. Benji was so happy to see his human daddy. He went bonkers when he saw his daddy. I guess the reason we are nervous is because Benji is scared when we leave him. He does not know if we will be back. All he knows is he is getting a bath and haircut in a place he has never been to before with people he does not know.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind.

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