Day 72. Back to Zion National Park.

We forgot to get our Selfie at Zion the other day so we needed to return.

America the Beautiful pass got us free entry again today.

We pull over to take a break. BooBoo has his own seat but would rather sit on my lap. Hubby is opening his bag of pretzels. We always bring a cooler with water and Mountain Dew and a snack container. Hubby has an addiction to Mountain Dew. Actually it is the caffeine. Hubby has nicknamed his Dew. He calls it his coffee.

I thought I would get my Sony camcorder out and take some video. We were going very slow so we put the windows down so BooBoo, Bella, and Benji could look out.

More pictures of the same mountains as I displayed in my blog on our previous visit. The difference is the clouds. Storm clouds are blowing in.

We go through the tunnel again. This time we follow a speed boat with a high light bar. The driver of the car got out before we went into the tunnel to measure to make sure he will fit.

This picture (below) is actually the road leading to Zion. We are heading towards the storm.

It rains for a while.

We totally enjoyed both visits to Zion National Park. Tomorrow we leave Hurricane, UT and head towards Moab. We have a stopover in Richfield, UT at a KOA Holiday.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if you are not already following me, enter your email and click subscribe. You will get an email notification each time I publish a post.


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