Bedtime Ain’t What it Used to Be.

This is Benji. Look at this adorable, cute little pup. Benji was born on April 25, 2017. He is three and a half years old now. Benji is the baby. Benji is very smart. He is potty-trained and he never has an accident. He loves to cuddle with the Hubby. Yes, he is the Hubby’s boy. Benji is a barker. We call him Benji Barker, related to Bob Barker. Benji also has what I call “Cujo Moments”.

Benji is a little jealous of BooBoo. BooBoo is the best behaved, but he is not perfect. BooBoo likes to mark his territory. BooBoo is the middle child. BooBoo was born on November 2, 2016. BooBoo will be four years old soon.

Because Benji is jealous of BooBoo, Benji will have his Cujo moments directed to BooBoo. This can happen at a moment’s notice and anytime day or night. Several times in the middle of the night, Benji, must have been dreaming about attacking BooBoo because Benji, in his strange, high pitched, loud, and very horrible growl has jumped over my head to attack BooBoo. BooBoo will now not sleep in the bed with us. To tell you the truth, I don’t blame BooBoo. Although Benji is getting better with his Cujo moments, BooBoo does not know this.

BooBoo and I have started to sleep downstairs. If we can take the scooters out of the garage, I can put our Happy Jack system down and turn it into a bed. BooBoo and I can sleep there. This is very comfortable for us. I have a memory foam bed pad and a heated mattress pad. It is very cozy and warm. If we can’t or don’t want to take the scooters out, BooBoo and I sleep on the couch. A little less comfortable, but doable.

This is Bella. Sweet little Bella. Bella’s birthday is August 17, 2016. Bella is four years old. She is Hubby’s little girl unless she wants something. If she is hungry or has to use the potty, she will come to me and pound on me with her paws. Bella is near perfect and she is adorable.

BooBoo and I sleep together every night. When it is cold in the camper, Bella will come down and jump on the bed or couch to sleep with us.

On the couch, it is almost impossible for three of us to sleep comfortably. BooBoo and I hardly fit. On the Happy Jack bed, it is a little better, but I am somewhat crowded. BooBoo and Bella hog the bed.

Hubby and Benji get to sleep in the King Size Bed all by themselves when Bella comes to sleep with BooBoo and me.

You may ask “why can’t BooBoo sleep downstairs by himself?” Well, I ask BooBoo that too. BooBoo will start out fine sleeping by himself, then he wakes up, comes to the bottom of the stairs and he will start to cry. Now, we are all up. He will cry until I go down and sleep with him.

Traveling with three pups can be challenging but we would not have it any other way.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.

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