I was never afraid to drive the Big Boy Truck. I just never wanted to. It was a little intimidating looking at the size from the passenger seat of the inside of the truck. And from the outside, it was downright scary with those big dual wheels that stick out on each side of the truck. The mirrors are huge, how would I ever see around these mirrors when turning a corner.

This truck is our main mode of transportation. Without it, we are stuck. We need this truck to tow our 5th wheel. If I wreck it, we are totally screwed. And I know Hubby would be nervous if I drove it to the store. Even if I took the last spot in the parking lot, I could never park far enough away from the other vehicles to make Hubby happy.

The seat has memory and is adjustable. I am short. I still will need a pillow. But for now, just putting the seat up as high as it will go will have to do.

When Hubby wants something, there is no getting it out of his head. When he wants something, he wants it when he wants it. No waiting for an hour, no waiting for the next day. He wanted to bring the GoldWing out of storage and bring it to our daughter Jennifer’s home. He wanted it NOW! Since I was the only one that could take him and drive the truck back to Jennifer’s, it is time to bite the dust and drive the Big Boy Truck.

The Wing with Sidecar needed a new battery and as soon as Hubby put the new battery in, it started right away. The Wing is good to go.

Look at the size of that hood. Being short, it was hard to see over the hood of this Big Boy Truck. A pillow will help. Need to buy one. A square firm pillow.

Soon we were heading down the road. Hubby on the Wing and me driving the Big Boy Truck.

I have to admit, it was not hard to drive. I was fine. But I still don’t want to drive it unless I have to. Someday, I will learn to drive the truck while pulling the 5th wheel. I think I can do it. I learn from watching. When Hubby is driving and pulling the rig, I watch his every move. I watch him swinging and making a wide turn. I watch him miss the curb when making a right-hand turn. I watch how he backs up. I also have this little picture.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind.


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