Yay, Made it! We are back home.

I picked us another nice park.  I have to be honest.  This was the only park that was in the vicinity that we wanted to stay in.  So I had no choice.  It could have turned out good or it could have turned out bad.  So far, it is very good.  It’s quiet and shaded.


Although the camp store/office is small, it has a variety of items for sale.


This park is all gravel lanes and pads.  We have not seen paved roads and pads in the RV parks we’ve stayed in since we left Florida.  I think Florida is the campground capital of the United States.

BooBoo and I only took one walk so far.  Hubby, Bella, and Benji stayed behind in the 5th wheel.  This park is rather large.


We left Jacksonville just in time.  It has been raining there constantly and we are seeing on the news that Jacksonville is flooded.  The weather so far in PA is perfect.  The nights are chilly but the days are really nice.   One thing I have not had to put up with back in Florida was allergies.  The pollen count is high and my allergies are bothering me.

I had to turn on the furnace this morning to get the. chill out.  Do you know the smell that comes out of the furnace when you start it up after not running it for a while?  I turned on the furnace using my phone app while still in bed this morning.  The furnace smell woke the hubby and he asked if I turned on the furnace.  YEP, I Did!  I like being able to control everything in the 5th wheel using my phone app.

This is a month of visiting family, going to doctor, dentist, and eye appointments.  Hubby had to get his blood test this morning and the pups were watching him go out the door.


Hubby has to go to all of his doctor appointments without me because of COVID.  I’m not allowed in.  He has to wear his mask and have his temperature taken when he gets to his appointment.  One of his doctors set up a video appointment.  I like that concept.  I downloaded the app on my IPAD and we are set to go.  Welcome to the new normal.

Pennsylvania recently turned green.  Not green like in plants or grass.  Green like in opening up after being shut down for COVID.

Buttercup flowers line the back edge of the site where the wooded area begins.


Yesterday, I spent the day with my family.  It was nice.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind


3 thoughts on “Yay, Made it! We are back home.

  1. kp529yahoocom

    Welcome home! We are getting ready to leave for a couple months. Headed to California first to visit Ed’s daughter and family. She is expecting her second little girl next week. Probably be there 2 weeks then headed to Montana for a couple months. Enjoy your time with family 👪!


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