Our site at the KOA is beautiful.  Large shade trees to keep us cool.  I love having a site with trees.  Some RV parks are like big parking lots of concrete and hookups with the neighbors right net to you.

On the other hand, these trees can be very scary when bad weather looms.

I always hear people say they love a Thunderstorm.  They like to sit on their porch and watch the lightning,  Are they crazy?  When I hear storm, hail, winds, I cringe.

Why do I hate storms and bad weather???  For several reasons.

  1.  I survived an F5 tornado in 1985.  Five people I knew well were killed.
  2. Lightning hit a home I lived in back in the 70s and damaged everything, including our well-water pump, central air unit, our TV’s and other electronics,
  3. High winds blew down trees on our home at 123 Smith Road back in the 90s.  What a mess.  We had to replace our roof.  A stump from a 100 ft high Cherry tree pulled out of the ground thankfully missing our home had to be removed from our front yard.
  4. We would lose electricity each time the wind blew at 123 Smith Road.  There were times the electricity would be out for days and once up to a week.

So last evening, when it was reported that a damaging storm was heading our way. 


All I could think of is what damage will we have to incur.  It was reported that high winds and hail would accompany this storm.  Hubbard residents were told to take shelter.

Hubby, Benji, and Bella headed to the bedroom to watch TV and ride out the storm.  BooBoo and I sat in the garage and I watched the trees sway until it got so dark I could no longer see the trees.  Why do storms happen at night when you can’t see anything.  The storms in this area always hit Hubbard and Hermitage first.  My nieces who live in Hubbard, my sister, and Goddaughter who live in Hermitage kept me posted via text messaging.  I knew it would be less than a half-hour before the storm would be in my area.  I was getting anxious.

I watched out the window wondering if one of these big trees would fall on us or the truck or my sister’s vehicle I am using for a few days.

After the first gust of wind, the electricity went out and very quickly, the storm was over.  We dodged the bullet as far as the winds were concerned.  As far as losing the electricity, since we are self-contained, that didn’t bother us at all.  Since it was bedtime, we just went to bed.  We have a generator on board but didn’t even need to turn it on.  It was cool enough in our coach so we didn’t need the air conditioning and we didn’t want to watch TV.  Everything else worked from batteries or propane.  The 5th wheel has lights that work from batteries.  The fridge switched over to propane.  We were good.

We took a morning walk to see if there was any damage in the campground from last night’s storm.  Everything looked good.

I’ve learned to respect mother nature.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind.




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