Florida Storms & Stimulus Checks

Wow, did we have some storms last night!  It all started with a lightning bolt so bright and so loud it shook the 5th wheel and brought us to our feet.  We quickly comforted our furbabies holding them tight and telling them they will be ok.  Storms and loud noises seem to scare both Benji and Bella as they rush for somewhere to hide.  BooBoo does not seem to be affected because he just gives us the look like what’s up.  There was not a warning of this lightning bolt and it caught us completely off guard.

That was the beginning of an evening and night of horrible thunder, rain, and wind.  Nature was “electric” last night with flashes of light across the sky and rumbling of thunder that lasted for hours.

Everyone should have a weather radio.  Ours is an AM/FM/NOAA receiver weather band radio with a telescopic antenna.  They are not expensive but work great to warn you of storms that are heading your way.


Our weather radio went off numerous times last night with alerts for both surrounding states and our immediate area.  The Georgia state line is only a half-hour away from our RV Resort and thankfully, most of the alerts were for counties in Georgia.  These alerts scared the pants off of me.  In the robotic voice of the weather radio, warnings of hail, rain, 70 mph winds, and strong warnings to take shelter “now” in counties in Georgia which were 30 miles north of us.

It appeared the storms were over when I went to bed late last night and sleep came quickly.  I slept well last night but woke this morning to eerie skies that threaten more storms today.  The RV Park is quiet this morning.  This morning, we will keep the windows shut and the air on.  It is hot and muggy.  The high today will be in the 90s.  With nothing to do and nowhere to go, it will be a day of staying in,  The pool and beach area is closed so there is no outside relief from the heat.

After breakfast this morning, we will take our morning walk and survey the area for damages.

On another note, good news.  It sounds like the stimulus checks will be starting today.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 9.09.10 AM




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