Palm Sunday, All Day Showers, A Pup Potty!

Today is Palm Sunday.   Happy Palm Sunday everyone.  Our President said the next two weeks might be our worst. Do you think it is ironic that the worst two weeks are happening during Palm Sunday and Easter?  Draw your own conclusions people!

Florida is a hotspot.  I heard from my sister this pandemic could have got its start in Florida at the Super Bowl.  Heck, there was Spring Break and Bike Week too.  Snowbirds flocking to Florida from many northern states, including my state of PA could have contributed.   I now fit that description of a “snowbird”.    I also found out I am a senior citizen when the news said grocery stores were opening their doors to senior citizens an hour earlier in the morning and anyone over the age of 65 could shop before the stores open to regular customers.  A snowbird and a senior citizen!

Today’s an all-day rain.  It’s a day of staying in.  Sitting by my window in the garage area the only people I see out and about are people taking their pets out to do their bathroom duties.


It’s overcast but still 70º.  As for us, we are staying in.  No walks, No scooter ride.  No taking the pups out to do their daily duty.


When we decided to become fur-parents three years ago, we needed to find an alternative to taking the pups outside to do their duty.  We did not want to stand outside at 4 am while Bella picked up sticks or played with the leaves.  We did not want to stand outside in the cold and/or rain or the cold rain or the cold snow.  Living in the country, we did not allow our pups to go outside by themselves.  Too many animals, such as coyotes, and other critter type animals could pick them up and carry them away.  We also had hawks in the neighborhood.

I had to come up with a plan.  I built them a bathroom on our screened in deck in the sticks and bricks home.  Their bathroom was enclosed with a plastic fence.  The fence was low enough that we could easily pick up the poo.  We installed a doggie door going from the kitchen into the screened-in deck.  This was PERFECT.  The pups could go out to do their doggie business all by themselves.  They could go out during the day.  They could go out during the night.  When we sold the sticks and bricks and temporarily moved into the trailer, we downsized their bathroom and made the area smaller.  We needed to get ready for their bathroom area in the garage of the 5th wheel.  It had to be much smaller.


The pups very much love to take walks during the day.  They have their special places on our walk where they do their doggie duty.  But during the night, in the early morning or on rainy days, we use their bathroom in the garage.  With three pups doing their doggie business in their “bathroom”, we clean it daily and put in new pads and freshly cleaned fake green grass.

BooBoo at times will just stare and me as if to say, I don’t have to go.  But, knock on wood, no accidents in the 5th wheel.  All is good.


Yesterday, I gave BooBoo a bath.  Benji had his bath a few days ago, Bella will get her bath soon.  I did a little grooming.  I can’t say our groomer Chelsey would be proud of me but she would understand I had no other choice.

BooBoo is the only one that will let me near his face with scissors.   We have rounded edge scissors.  I worry when getting close to their eyes.  You never know when they are going to jerk.  Since we/ve been in Florida, BooBoo has tear stains and stains around his mouth. The only thing we do different is the water.  We have a water purifier here in the 5th wheel.

IMG_1663 2

BooBoo is a mommy’s boy.  It makes “me” feel better when I give him hugs and he lets me hug him all of the time.  Bella and Benji like their dad.  Maybe hubby has a bigger lap for them to lay on.  Who knows!


We take our daily scooter ride and yesterday, we noticed many birds around the beach.  They were flying and squawking.  They would land and then fly high into the sky squawking loudly again.  The squawking was very loud.  They sounded mad.  Maybe all of those birds are upset with the Pandemic.


With all of the squawking, it sounded like a snippet out of the movie the birds.  The Birds is a 1963 American horror-thriller film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock.  We can call this pandemic a 2020 American Horror-thriller true life film.

Stay Safe Everyone!



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