Holy Heatwave!

The weather is strange these days.  Never know what you will get.  Today is October 1, 2019, and here in Hermitage, the high is 88 degrees which we reached at 3 pm today.


But never fear, in Pennsylvania, it can snow this weekend.

There are not any updates today.  No word on the 5th Wheel.  No word on the truck.  Patience is the keyword.

Tonight we met up with friends for dinner.  Four of the friends are friends we haven’t seen in a coon’s age.  Judy, Ray, Cindy and Glen, it was nice seeing you.  Life just got in the way.  I was busy at work or just too tired to think of a social life.  Two of the friends we meet with all of the time.  Good friends.  Don and Paula, it’s always a pleasure.  Now that I am retired I can meet up with friends.  Anyway, it was nice seeing everyone.  We had a lot to talk about.



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