Shopping and Deals

I stopped at the mall today.  I just went to one store.  As I was walking through the many departments I realized that I could just walk by the dress clothes racks.  What a nice feeling.  If something did catch my eye, I would think this would have been nice to buy for work.  But since I am retired, I just kept walking on by.

The racks were full of fall/winter clothes.  Nothing I will be needing.  But wait, there were racks and tables that still had spring/summer clothes marked down to ridiculously low prices.  I hit the clothes jackpot.  These are clothes I can wear all year beings I will be in seasonable nice weather down south.  Not only were these items on sale, but I also had an additional 20% off if I used the store credit card which I conveniently had in my possession.  Note:  I will pay the card in full tomorrow using my online account.

What is considered too many clothes for traveling in an RV?  I’ll let you know in a month or so.


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