Last Day at work! Retirement, Quiet Celebrations with family and then JoAnn happened.

Yesterday was my last day at my job with First National Bank – and what an extraordinary day it was! The support and encouragement I received from my coworkers and friends at FNB were truly heart-warming, as it has been ever since I announced my retirement.

The day passed rather quickly with the wrapping up of a few administrative tasks and trying to remember a few final bits of information to pass on. Before I knew it, it was time to go. My day wrapped up with hugs, & best wishes. I turned in my badge, laptop computer, and cell phone.  My personal effects were long ago taken home as I gave my manager 7 months notice of my retirement.

Hugs from JoAnn, April, Nick, and Karlyn were sincere hugs, not just for the sake of hugging.  They were staying behind to help keep the ship afloat while I was heading on to a new adventure in my life.

Yesterday marked a big milestone in my life. I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way, and all the amazing people I worked with that made my ten plus years working as manager of Merchant Services a joy as well as a success! I would list all your names, but it would be a very very long list. I will truly miss you all.

To my work family and friends,  it’s not “Goodbye”, it’s “See you later.”  After saying goodbye to the staff I was leaving at 1 pm.

And I walked out the doors of the tech center.

My nieces, Lindsay and Chelsea picked me up at 1 pm to take me for a celebratory drink (and lunch).  We headed to the Country Club.  I was happy.


After lunch, we stopped in to see a new office for Lindsay’s work.  Nice office.  Then we had to stop at the Mall and if anyone knows Lindsay, I needed to sit on a chair at Dillard’s dressing room because Lindsay was trying on clothes.  I never thought I would see my home again.  I called the hubby to tell him I would be late getting home.

Then, of course, Molly and Gerri wanted to have a drink with me.  Oh my, I will never get home because it is going on 5:30 and we were meeting Molly and Gerri at the Hickory Grill.  I would have to call the hubby again and tell him I would be even later.

The parking lot of the Hickory Grill was packed.  I’m thinking we will never get a table.  Our favorite waitress (and adopted daughter) Amanda was working and would make sure we had a table. Strange because Amanda didn’t work Friday evenings.  Hmmm.

We walk into a very packed restaurant and Lindsay told me there were so many people waiting for tables, the restaurant opened the banquet room for more availability for the hungry people waiting for a table and Amanda got us a table in there.  I said I know where that banquet room is and started to walk that way.  Lindsay said, no, she thought there was a party in there.  But she continued to that room, opened the doors and:

IT WAS MY SURPRISE PARTY AND BOY WAS I SURPRISED.  They pulled it off.  JoAnn pulled it off.  If you remember a few posts back where I talked about not liking Hoopla.  A part of me wanted to choke her but a part of me was strangely happy.  My manager, many of my staff, friends, and family were at my party.  Some drove hours to get there.  I am truly blessed.

A new chapter in my life has begun.  Join me for the adventure.


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