Planning is my specialty – my BUDGET

We should start our dream totally debt-free.  I know there are many young people that want to go full time and they need to work.  Roy and I are of retirement age and we both have social security, Medicare, supplemental health care and a pension.

Daily, we watch Youtube videos, read blogs and research.  We’ve learned a lot from other Full-Time Enthusiasts.

As stated in previous posts, I am the one responsible for finance so I created a budget.  The budget “below” is an estimate and I hope I estimated high.  What is left over at the end of each month will go into savings.


These are just estimates.  I’ve researched and I found it is more cost-effective to stay a month at each campground.  There are pros and cons to this.

Pros:  Lower Cost
Cons: If you want to or need to leave early, you won’t get your money back.  So, what if the rain comes in for days.  What if the person next to you is obnoxious.  What if I thought it was a nice park and it turns out to be a dump.


Again estimates.  Hopefully, I estimated high and insurances won’t cost us as much as I estimated, but we want to be insured


This amount will go into a savings account if it is not used.  This will be used for oil changes and just maintenance.  The truck and 5th wheel will be brand new so hopefully, most issues should be covered by the warranty so I anticipate most of this will go into savings.


Our Diesel Truck will only be used for relocation from one area to another.  Our sightseeing and daily adventures will be one in our GoldWing/Sidecar.  I would like to cut each state if 4s.  Spend a month in the northeast of the state   Spend the next month in the southeast of the state.  Spend the next month in the Southwest.  Spend the next month in the northwest, then head to the next state.


I hope we do not spend this much money on FOOD.


I want my Internet so we will have to pay.  Not yet sure how we will do this, but I’m thinking we will have several cell phone plans with Unlimited.  In my research, I found this to be the most used plan for most full-time Rvers that want their internet.  This estimate might be low.  It is what it is.


We both have the senior citizens free pass for parks.  The allotted funds below will be for places like museums.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 9.09.59 AM



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