Benji is 2 years old today!

Our Benji is 2 years old today.  Happy Birthday Benji


On September 2nd, 2017, our Benji came home to his forever home with us.  He was a sight to see.  His fur was matted with sawdust because he slept outside in a pen on sawdust.  He was so full of fleas that the first thing we did was give him a flea bath.  When we lost the flea battle, we called our groomer (Thank you Chelsey Reed – Dawgie Stylz by Chelsey).  It was around 6 pm on a Saturday evening and she told us to bring him right over.  She worked over an hour and finally got the last flea.  I think dogs know when they were saved because Benji has been the best pet ever.  He is smart and very loving.  He never has an accident in the house.  But he is different in several ways.  He likes to sleep all alone on my hubby’s chair in the family room on the lower level of our home.  BooBoo and Bella are happy as can be in our bed at night.  Benji will stay in bed until around midnight, then he actually asks our permission to go downstairs and sleep.  He is different physically too.  His one eye is smaller than the other and pink.  He was the runt of his litter and no one wanted him.  We saw him and we wanted him.


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