Fort Boonesborough State Park Campground

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The further north we get, the colder it gets. We left Tennessee and we are now in Kentucky. It is now sweatshirt and jeans weather.

We left Sweetwater KOA by 10 am. It’s been crazy windy lately. Wind makes me nervous, especially when you live in a tin can on wheels. I’m glad we only had a three-hour ride to get to our destination here in Fort Boonesboro State Park Campground. When this app tells us the wind gusts were 34 mph, believe me, it was not exaggerating.

We arrived at Fort Boonesborough State Park Campground at 1 pm. We pulled up to the guard/reservation shed and no one was in there. I made Hubby go into the reservation office and complete our reservation and get the map to our site. Hubby didn’t see the sign telling us to check in at the log cabin camp store.

Hubby went in and came out with the map of the park. The best thing about this state park is that we only paid $35 a night and we even got a senior citizen discount.

I was a little apprehensive about reserving at a state park due to the size of our rig. I did a lot of research when I reserved the site. I knew there was not a sewer hookup, but there is a dump station. The water spigot is a good 50 feet away so I’m glad we have a long hose. We were supposed to have a lake view. The only view I have is the view of the bathhouse and some electrical boxes. There was a small creek and between a few trees, we could see water.

The only thing we did on the full day we were there, was to visit a huge Buc-ee’s. If you haven’t ever visited a Buc-ees and there is one close by when you are traveling, stop in. They have tons of stuff to look at and buy. Hubby and I took turns going in. One of us had to sit in the truck with our fur kids.

OTA (over-the-air) TV is good. T-Mobile has zero data signal and no cell service for us at all. WIFI through OTR Mobile is the only hotspot that I have any signal and it is sporadic.

After we checked in, we headed to our site with map in hand. The map was not clear and before I could tell Hubby to let me get out and walk to look for our site, Hubby headed down the wrong lane. We found our site but we were on the wrong side. Hubby backed all the way back to the entrance of the lane and then headed to our site on the correct lane. BooBoo and I got out and walked.

The site is paved and 60 feet long. I knew when I reserved it that it was 60 feet long. I knew when we unhitched, we would have to park the Big Boy Truck sideways.

This state park is pretty much empty. The only campground that was crowded so far was Sweetwater.

I took a walk to the camp store. It was a long walk.

My OTR Mobile is the only internet that has a signal here and right now, it is connected to AT&T out of Akron, Ohio. Last night OTR connected to Verizon. T-Mobile is totally useless here.

There is a feature on the modem to Optimize your signal. It’s called Network Optimization. It looks for the best signal. I just used this feature and it automatically looked for the fastest Network in my area and changed it from AT&T to Verizon out of Cincinnati, Ohio. This program would be awesome if it were 5G.

I’ve been turning my blog into books. Not the whole blog, but adventures we’ve been on. For example, I blogged about our 103-day out Wild West Adventure. I turned those 103 days into a hardcover book. Using was quick, and easy, and I felt reasonably priced. My sister turned her whole blog, Earth Angel Vegan into a book. She wants to quit writing her blog and she wants all her recipes in a book for the family to share. I highly recommend Blog2Print. My books turned out fantastic.

We stopped at the dump station on our way out. Because the dump station was on the side of the road and the road tilted slightly, we were able to empty the tanks completely. This does not happen often.

Soon we were off to our next destination, Cross Creek Camping Resort in Delaware, Ohio.

God Bless Everyone, Stay Safe, and Most of all, Be Kind to Every Kind.

One thought on “Fort Boonesborough State Park Campground

  1. Dorothy McConville

    What an experience! You were brave hitting a state park. We are similar in size, you had me laughing at “hubby had to back up”! State parks are beautiful, just not built for us Mansion on Wheels. Still laughing at “hubby had to back up”.


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