Cross Creek Camping Resort

Thursday, May 4, 2023

We pulled into Cross Creek Camping Resort at 3 pm. Today was a tiring ride for both Hubby and I. We traveled around two major cities in Ohio. Cincinnati and Columbus. Thankfully, it was not rush hour. We kept saying to each other that we were glad we weren’t traveling these interstates at rush hour.

Our site at Cross Creek is a nice gravel pull-through. It is a little uphill so we did have to unhitch. The sewer was also uphill so we didn’t even connect to the sewer. We are only here for one night. Our site is before the reservation office so we had to make sure we pulled into our site before checking in. They had an online reservation check-in system which was nice.

All of the sites had lawns that were nicely manicured.

This resort has a fully stocked camp store. No food, but lots of clothes, stuff for kids, and camping necessities.

Over the Air (OTA) TV was good. We got a lot of channels. I don’t even know if they had cable. I don’t think they did. We were a little tired when we arrived so I told Hubby that if we didn’t get OTA channels and if they did not offer cable, I would set up our Dish Network.

The campground had WIFI available but the signal was weak. I used my own WIFI.

My T-Mobile Hot Spot has the fastest speeds.

My OTR Hot Spot speeds were much lower but usable. I believe the big difference is 5G. The OTR Hot spot’s 15-day trial is half over. I’m going to have to keep OTR even though it is not the best, but it is better than nothing. This next month while at Chestnut Ridge Campground, they do not offer WIFI. I can blow through my unlimited high-speed internet through T-Mobile in a week if that was all I had to use. After I use up my 100Gig, it does not shut off but it slows down tremendously. The only thing I can hope for is that OTR eventually upgrades to 5G. The monthly cost for OTR Mobile program is $99.

There is another WIFI provider that I felt would have been awesome. Boy was I wrong. I signed up for their two-week trial but never received my equipment. After they ghosted me, in order to get my money back, I had to dispute the transaction through my credit card company. Then I saw this:

The article stated that a judge ordered an asset freeze on not only the company’s bank accounts, but those also held by Nomad’s officers, Jessica Garza, Joshua Garza, and Alan Harmon, so I am glad I acted quickly to dispute the transaction and I already got my almost $500 back.

One more travel day and we will be at our campground near our home base.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind.

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