Tifton KOA in Tifton Georgia – Pine Mountain RV Resort Georgia

Friday, April 28, 2023

We pulled in around 3 pm. The site was long and level so we did not need to unhitch. Tifton KOA is a KOA Journey, a no-frills campground right off the interstate. It works perfectly for us since it is just a one-night stay. We did hear some interstate noise, but it didn’t bother me and Hubby didn’t mention it.

Our site was a good 100 feet long, but we had to pull up so we could level out.

The office was a hop, skip, and jump away from our site. There was a small camp store inside. The staff was amicable and helpful.

The pool was small for a park that has around 80 sites. We didn’t use the pool so I cannot comment on it other than the size.

Our neighbor had three cans of bug spray on their picnic table. Hubby found out why. In the short period of time he was outside hooking up electricity and water, he was swarmed by Gnats. Needless to say, we did not spend time outside yesterday evening.

My allergies didn’t bother me at all in Florida. They are really bad here in Georgia.

In all of the reviews I read about Tifton KOA, the reviewers mentioned Chicago Pizza. They deliver to the campground. Guess what we had for dinner?

There was a big frog in our camper last night.  I was going to the bathroom, and this frog sat on the top step staring at me.  By the time I got a paper cup to catch it with, Mr.Frog was gone. Luckily, Mr. Frog hopped into the bathroom.  I caught it in the paper cup but I had to pee.  So I sat on the toilet with one hand on the paper cup and called Hubby.  haha.  With Hubby’s help, we got it out. Hubby could not believe how big it was. The frog probably hitched a ride with us from Florida. I sure hope Mr. Frog likes Georgia now. Maybe Mr. Frog ate the Gnats that got inside last night. If so, Thank You Mr. Frog.

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Since we did not unhitch or hook up the sewer at Tifton, leaving the KOA was a breeze. I put the slides in, Hubby unhooked the water and electricity and we were off to Pine Mountain Georgia. In four short hours, we pulled into Pine Mountain RV Resort.

It rained all night and into the morning.

We arrived at Pine Mountain RV Resort around 2:30 pm. We would have arrived earlier but a bridge was out on RT 27 and we had to turn around and take another exit off of I185.

Check-in was quick and easy. Basically, because the young lady that checked me in was business only. She quickly ran through a few things on the resort brochure/map and kinda dismissed me. It’s a good thing I didn’t have any questions. She was not rude. She was just “to the point”. She had a nose/lip ring that I guess attached her nose to her upper lip.

We are staying here for two nights and I would return. It is very pricy here, $106 a night including tax. The park is mostly empty.

Our site is 189. The lanes in this resort are not marked very well. I got out of the Big Boy Truck when we got to what we believed was close to our site and walked around to find our site. It is easier for me to turn around than for Hubby to turn the Big Rig around. Finally, a street sign!

Our site is concrete, and narrow, with curbs on both sides. I’m glad we have a pull-thru. The sewer is built into the curb.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

We are stationary all winter in Florida and the view from my bedroom window is always the same. When we leave Oak Alley, I generally dislike travel days but I love seeing a different view outside of my window in the mornings. It rained all night and way into the morning.

On the opposite side of my bedroom is the view of the lake. The lake is not part of the resort. There is a road that separates the lake area from the resort.

The pool area is very nice. They have a nice size pool, a child’s pool, and a hot tub. I won’t be using their pool. It’s very windy out and Chilly.

We will be heading out for a ride around the Pine Mountain area to fuel up for tomorrow.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind

One thought on “Tifton KOA in Tifton Georgia – Pine Mountain RV Resort Georgia

  1. Dorothy McConville

    I so enjoy your adventures and keeping up with you.
    The stain on my shirt, I’m not to fond of. You made me laugh so hard!
    1) turn around honey! 44ft rv 22ft truck, lol, sure, no prob
    2) Mr Pee Frog. I spewed my coffee on said shirt.
    3) the nose to lip harnessing
    4) Big Boy Truck. It’s high for me at 5ft 8in. But for you!! I’m totally impressed.
    Your adventures and blog is as wonderful as you guys are. ❤️❤️


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