Packing Up, leaving Oak Alley.

We are lightening the load in our RV to make traveling this summer easier. We rented a 10 X 15 storage unit and for the past several days, we’ve been filling it. We are leaving our Golf Cart, Scooters, our mini shed, and much more behind in the storage unit.

Looking at the storage unit when it is empty, it looks like there is a lot of room for our stuff. When we start filling it, we are glad we got the bigger unit.

Our storage unit is full. This tells me one thing. We have too much shit.

After a day of many trips to the storage unit, we were back in the RV relaxing. Bella and BooBoo are looking at the computer to see when their Chewy order will be delivered.

BooBoo, Bella, & Benji after going to the groomer. Pawtique Pet Salon in Mount Dora does an awesome job.

BooBoo, a month ago, had his annual checkup with Jumper Creek Veterinary Clinic when he had his ear infection. The price was right so we figured we would get Bella and Benji’s annual checkup done there also. We didn’t want to leave BooBoo in the camper by himself when we took Benji and Bella to the Vet, so Hubby stayed in the Big Boy Truck with BooBoo and I went into the Vet Office with Bella and Benji. That was a handful for me. Benji insisted on barking. I have no clue what he was barking at. Other dogs were in the waiting room but Benji was not even looking at them. Benji weighed 15 lbs and Bella weighed 10.

Oak Alley has blazing fast free wired internet and I am spoiled. Since I cannot take my Oak Alley internet with me, I need something for traveling this summer. I love my T-Mobile, but it slows down after we use our unlimited 100G of data.

OTR Mobile has a 15-day trial on their unlimited Internet for travelers. A few years ago, I had OTR and although it worked okay, there were too many glitches with their SIM cards so I canceled it. I believe they have everything straightened around now. I’m going to try their Titan Router. My big concern is this router is only 4G. But this router connects to the three major networks, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.

Here is a list of features for the Titan Mobile 4G LTE Hotspot.
1. Network optimization: Use this to connect to the best Network
2. Connections: Use this to connect/disconnect devices on your network
3. Update: You can update the software version for the best performance
4. Battery Protection: Intelligent protection of battery life when turned on.
5. You can confirm the device information and restore factory settings.
6. USB Network: You can connect to the internet by connecting the Titan to a Windows PC
with a USB cable.
※This function is not supported by Mac.
7. Flow Protection: This is data management, use this function to prevent massive data
usage due to automatic app download and update and automatic sync of cloud apps.
8. Language settings: Use this to select your language.
9. Sim Card Manager: If you insert your own physical SIM card into the device, you can
connect to that internet instead of the internet provided by the VSIM

I just performed a speed test; as you can see, it is connected to Verizon. Below is the speed test from the Titan connected to Verizon. The Titan is 4G.

I have a jetpack from T-mobile and the speed test shows 41.1 MBPS which is awesome, but I only have 100G of unthrottled Internet with my T-mobile plan. But my jetpack is 5G. I believe that makes all of the difference. There is a 5G tower directly across the road from the campground. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not.

Below is my jetpack connected to T-mobile. Remember though, the Jetpack is 5G.

I will be performing speed tests while on the move and I will post them in case anyone is interested in the OTR mobile plan. I heard that people are getting a T-Mobile home plan for $50 a month. I’m going to check on that when I get to my home base.

Webster has a new restaurant and my girl Ashley and I enjoyed lunch there today.

Webster is a small town. There are some really cool places to visit and The Florida Native is one of them.

Rain is in the forecast for the next how many days. We will probably leave Oak Alley in the rain.

We were lucky. We pulled out of Oak Alley shortly before 11 am and it was hot but dry. We made it all the way to our destination in Georgia with only a few sprinkles hitting the windshield. We dodged the rain bullet.

Till we meet again, Oak Alley friends.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind.

2 thoughts on “Packing Up, leaving Oak Alley.

  1. Dorothy McConville

    Good info on the internet. Oak Alley’s internet is phenomenal!
    I never did get to go to Florida Cracker, glad you guys enjoyed it. Our Dream Team.


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