Sightseeing – Richloam General Store

Our goal this snowbird season was to go sightseeing in Florida at least two or three times a month. The General Store in Richloam was the only sightseeing we did. This hidden gem is about 15 minutes from Oak Alley and full of goodies. We spent $30 on snacks, candy, and bottled old fashion pop. We got a bottle of Frosty Root Beer.

It’s been the windiest snowbird season I’ve seen in years. This week has been uncomfortably windy. Hold onto your hats windy. My wind meter is the flag that is attached to the ladder right outside of my bedroom window.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a hellacious storm, one of Florida’s finest. Lightning, thunder, and wind gusts that rocked the RV. This storm came upon us so quickly that many in the park didn’t have time to take down their screen houses. From what I saw on the posts on our resident facebook page, some lost their screen houses.

It’s been very hot in Florida. High 80s and low 90s. I call these days, 3 air conditioner days.

The wind meter below has been typical for the past two weeks here in Webster. A moderate breeze is an understatement.

The park Is becoming a ghost town. You can have the pool and hot tub all to yourself most of the time these days.

We are down to 12 days before we pull out and the days are going by quickly. We have so much to do. We rented a storage unit again. This year, we are leaving the golf cart and both scooters, along with stuff like our big satellite dish. We will take our smaller dish with us because we use it a lot during our travels, especially when we are stationary for a month.

I’m making mental to-do lists in my head. I have to start transferring the mental lists to paper. When we are stationary for six months, everything is out. Things need to be secured and much of the stuff we have sitting out on counters needs to find a home inside cupboards and storage boxes under the beds.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind

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