April 4, Rigs are Pulling Out

Today is Tuesday, April 4 and for the past 4 days, one after another, big and small rigs have been pulling out. My friends are leaving. I’ve made more “good” friends here at Oak Alley in six months than I think I’ve made in my whole life. That is how friendly and caring people are here in this campground. Snowbird season is ending and many of my friends have either already left or are leaving within the next few weeks. We pull out on April 28th. Pulling out will be bittersweet for me. I will miss my adopted families and good friends, but I look forward to spending time with my family at our home base.

For the month we spend at our home base, we are staying at a nice little campground with a lake. This campground is very close to family so it will be perfect.

We will take a week to get to our home base campground from Oak Alley.

On our drive from Oak Alley to our home base, we are staying in all “new to us” campgrounds. Our first-night stay is in Georgia at a KOA Journey. KOA Journeys are no frill campgrounds located near interstates. We will stay at this KOA for one night. I read in the tips for this campground that a pizza establishment called “Chicago Pizza & Pasta” is supposed to be delicious and they deliver.

Our next stop is a campground in Georgia where we will spend two nights. We reserved an executive Pull Thru site at this campground. For what we paid each night, I will be excited to see this campground and our site.

Our travel days usually consist of staying one night, then two nights, then one night, then two nights. The two nights give us a break and since we are not in a hurry we can leisurely take out time and enjoy the two-night stays. It also gives us the opportunity to take one full day and either rest or see the sights in the area we are staying in.

Our next campground is a KOA Holiday in Tennessee. We will stay at this KOA for one night. KOA Holidays are nicer campgrounds with more amenities and way nicer camp stores. The site I reserved at this KOA is FHU Pull Thru -100 x 120 with double pedestals and sewer connections. It’s right off I75 so should be an easy in and an easy out.

I’m so looking forward to staying at the Fort Boonesborough Campground. We are staying here for two nights. This campground is located in Kentucky. In this campground, we can stroll the original fort site of Daniel Boone and settlers. The Fort is open Wednesday-Sunday from 9:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. until October 29, 2023.  We will be there all day on a Wednesday. The site I picked is a pull-thru and it looks like we might have a view of the lake.

Our last night stay before we reach our home base destination is in Ohio. i have to remember that at this campground, our site is before the office so if we forget and go to the office first, we will need to drive the whole park to get to our site. I have notes everywhere reminding me. I’m sure I will blog about it if we do miss it.

As I previously mentioned, these are all campgrounds we’ve never stayed in before. Staying at campgrounds for the first time is exciting but a little intimidating. I usually get out of the truck and walk to our site to make things easier for the Hubby. I love campgrounds that escort you to your site.

The next 24 days are going to fly by. We have so much to do.

We had some needed maintenance done on our RV. We love our site under the Oak Trees, but I think everything that can fall out of the trees this year, fell on our roof. We had Dusty Wheeler RV Repair clean our roof and air conditioners. He did a fantastic job. He even found an issue with our roof and fixed it. I highly recommend him.

We rented our storage unit here in Bushnell Florida. It is about a ten-minute drive from our campground. We already have put two items in the storage unit.

Our fur babies need to be groomed before we leave here and I want Benji and Bella to have their annual physical here at a great vet we found in Bushnell. BooBoo already had his annual physical when he had an appointment for an ear infection.

We’ve been stationary for six months. I’m already thinking of everything I have to secure before we hit the road. We are leaving our golf cart and scooters in storage here.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind.

5 thoughts on “April 4, Rigs are Pulling Out

  1. Valerie Miller

    What is the name of the campground you are using for home base.? Wondering if it is one we’ve been to since you’ll be close to us.


    1. We will be staying at Chestnut Ridge in Hubbard for a month. Then we are heading up to Mystic Connecticut. We have a month reserved there and we have another month reserved on Lake Ontario in NY.


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