34 Days Till We Head Out

The past few months have been hectic for me. Even though I was super busy as an Assistant Activities Director in a very busy resort, I enjoy this work camping job immensely.

Oak Alley is my winter home. Everyone knows my name. I know most of everyone’s names. I wish we had a directory for residents with pictures. That will never happen.

In less than a month, we will leave Oak Alley and head to our home base in Ohio for a month. We are taking seven days to get to our home base and I have all seven nights of reservations made. This time, we are staying at all new campgrounds. The one campground I am really looking forward to is Boonsborough State Park in Kentucky. I have a 60-foot-long Pull-Thru reserved. We usually don’t fit in State Parks, but this one looks fine. The map below outlines our trip home and the campgrounds we have reserved. I will do everything I can to stay away from I95, especially in South Carolina.

Here are some of the highlights since my last post.

My time here at Oak Alley was not all work. I did have time to make a trip to Ohio to spend a week with my family.

Flying Spirit Airlines is cheap and quick. It’s a straight-through flight and because I leave some clothes at my sister’s, I don’t have to pay for luggage. I left sunny, warm Florida and arrived in snowy, freezing-cold Ohio. It was the last week of January and just like last year, I needed a family fix. This year, we would be celebrating Christmas late.

I’m not a drinker so I surprised myself when I ordered an alcoholic beverage on the plane. I just had a hankering for a bloody mary.

The Family Five celebrated our Christmas when I arrived in late January. We got a room at the Avalon and I was pretty much forced to get into the Roman Bath at the hotel. Yes, this Roman Bath is outside. It was snowing and very cold and the water temperature was a warm 90º. I had to borrow a winter hat from my family because we don’t need winter clothes in Florida.

My family surprised me with a 70th birthday luncheon. My sister and the girls told me they were taking RaeLux Boutique pictures so I would look nice for the luncheon. It was a nice surprise. The jacket and jeans are RaeLux inventory.

Back in Florida and another trip to the groomer. This time, just Benji needed to be groomed so Hubby, BooBoo, Bella and I took a walk on the boardwalk at the park in Mount Dora.

We see an alligator each time we take our walk on the boardwalk. I wonder if it is the same one all of the time. Signs say: Do not feed the alligators.

Both Hubby and I changed our eye doctor to Kaufman’s Eye Institute. They have four locations. The location we want to is 20 minutes from our campground. I got glasses. Hubby had Cataracts and needed surgery on both eyes.

Cataract Surgery for Hubby. This location was an hour’s drive to and an hour’s drive back to Oak Alley. We took the three fur pups with us because we do not like to leave them alone in the camper that long. We were probably gone for close to six hours total for each eye surgery. I sat in the Big Boy Truck with the pups and I had to drive home.

Hubby got the left eye done first and two weeks later got his right eye done.

Glad Hubbies eyes are fixed because I have a fun summer scheduled and reserved. I have a month reserved in Mystic, Connecticut, and a month reserved right on the shores of Lake Ontario. We have two weeks reserved in the Allegheny National Park.

Oak Alley offers high-speed fiber optic internet. When I leave here I will need a reliable unlimited plan so I ordered Nomad Internet. I had it once before, but it was only 4G. They now have 5G modems so I will try it again. I have a 30-day trial period. There isn’t a contract so if I don’t like it, I just notify them and return the modem. I have my fingers crossed this time. I did find out it is on back order so it will be two to three weeks before I receive my modem.

I have a T-mobile jetpack with unlimited data for my backup plan in the event Oak Alley has internet issues, but once it hits 100Gig, it slows down during peak internet usage times. I need something more reliable without caps. I can go through 100Gig in a few days when streaming TV shows. I should receive my Nomad modem in a week so I will keep you all posted on the speeds. Oak Alley speeds are fine for streaming TV. Nomad is “saying” I should get speeds up to 100 MBPS. We shall see. We do have Dish network on the TV up in the bedroom and the TV in the living room, but when we travel, we will leave one of our satellites in storage here in Florida.

I will review the Nomad Internet when I get my modem. Stay tuned.

I will start to blog on a regular basis once we start to travel again.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind.

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