Wishing you all a blessed Merry Christmas!

Here is our outdoor Christmas tree with solar-powered lights and a battery-powered star. Honestly, I have no room inside for a Christmas tree, not even a Charlie Brown tree. An outside tree will have to do.

Assistant Activities Director – So Busy

Today is December 25 and I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. I am a work camper and I’ve been busy. The park is only half full with the majority of guests coming in January. January, February, and March, the resort will be fully booked. We have a ton of activities here at the park. Either, I am running an activity, organizing the activity, or attending an activity. We have entertainment most Friday evenings. We have pool parties on most Sundays. We have activities such as Euchre tournaments, poker games, Mexican Train, Mahjong, Pokeno, Hand and Foot, Left-Right-Center, and more. If you are into crafts, we have a bunch of ladies that will help you make anything from a Christmas card to a TeddyBear. This resort is known for our 13 Pickleball courts and it’s expert Pickleball trainer and organizer.

Sweet Ashley is the activities director and my boss lady. Love her. This picture is from a Country Hoedown we organized and ran. I bought a $12 cowboy hat from Amazon.

This is the second year we entered the Christmas parade in Webster and this year, we won 3rd place.

We also had a Christmas tree decorating party. There were events like a Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt, White Elephant gift exchange, Gingrebread House contest and much more. Never a dull moment here.

We had a grand Halloween party. I dressed up like a pumpkin.

Bingo is big here at the resort. Each week, I have a different duty for Bingo. One week, I’m a facilator, one week a banker, one week I call Bingo and one week,I sell 50/50 tickets.

I call Bingo every 4th week. Jack of all trades, master of none. They had to lower the bingo stand for me.

I took a long weekend off from my activity duties and met my sister, my niece, and my great-nephew at Clearwater Beach. It was such a fun time

We had fun in the sun.

We took the pups to Mount Dora for their grooming at Pawtique Pet Salon. It’s an hour drive, but they take all three pups at the same time and they have them for 3 or 4 hours. Hubby and I get to eat at our favorite restaurant, the Haystack and go grocery shopping. Then we take a walk on the boardwalk by the lake and wait for the groomers to call us telling us to come pick them up.

The groomers at Pawtique Pet Salon do a wonderful job at grooming our babies.

Florida has a variety of weather. We were in a Hurricane, a hard freeze, and a few very windy days. Still better than winters in the north.

The majority of days, the weather is perfect to sit out on the deck and enjoy the sunshine.

Our resort has wired internet and it’s free and fast.

Hubby needs cataract surgery. We found this place that is only 20 minutes from our resort. But the actual surgery is near Tampa, which. is an hour away. Yikes, I will have to drive the Big Boy Truck home. I laughed and suggested we rent a car for that day.

I will try to do better in keeping you all updated on this blog.

God Bless, Stay safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.

4 thoughts on “Wishing you all a blessed Merry Christmas!

  1. imcrabneck3@cox.net

    I was wondering where you were had missed your travel updates. Cataract surgery is easy other than keeping up with the eye drops for the month following but it sure helps the vision. Wendy Kevin and his sister are here but leaving tomorrow. We celebrated Lorens 27th birthday yesterday. We are going to try to come up for Molly’s shower if all goes well.

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