Our first Hurricane!

7 pm Wednesday

The only advantage of a Hurricane is we get advanced warnings. We had time to batten down the hatches. We are currently in the red, but that might change as the night progresses. We are prepared if we should lose electricity. We have gas for the generator. We have battery lanterns. We also have 12volt lights that work until batteries go dead. Our fridge runs on propane if we lose electricity. We have a battery pack backup. Our phones are charged. My computer and my jetpack both have full charges. If the park loses electricity and the internet does not work, I will still have internet. Our campground office and the clubhouse office both are closed tomorrow.

It’s 7:40 pm and I just heard the first big wind gust. It’s going to be a long evening/night. I’m sleeping in my clothes tonight. Several of the park residents/guests have gone to a hotel. I thought I would have a pleasant evening watching my favorite TV shows, but they are replaced with weather people reporting the track of the hurricane and showing video of the coast. I’ve decided not to watch TV.

9:45 pm. Wind gusts are picking up. I’m not going to lie and tell you I’m fine. I’m stressed. I put a wind gust app on my phone and it is showing winds are 19 mph with 40 mph gusts.

BooBoo is snuggled up next to me. BooBoo has no clue about the weather but our fur kids have a way of knowing when I’m nervous about something.

It is 11:15 and I’m going to go to sleep. It’s starting to rain hard now.

3am. I can’t sleep. The hurricane is just hitting the coast in the Daytona area and has an estimated 17,000 people without electricity. And they’re just saying on the weather on TV is the worst shit hit our area around daybreak.

5:30 am. It’s raining hard now and the winds picked up. A bunch of us in the park are on Facebook. I don’t think anyone can sleep.

See the little yellow heart in the picture below. That is where we are, right in the path of the Hurricane.

This latest update from the radar map almost looks promising. At least I see a clearing to the right of us. The storm is heading northwest.

It seems like it keeps getting worse and worse. Our shed door flew off and a few of the things we didn’t think would blow were on the ground. Hubby went out in this mess and picked the stuff up. We didn’t want the things to fly through the air and hit someone’s rig. I’m getting emotionally drained.

We are now in the eye of the hurricane. The rain has let up and the wind gusts are not as bad. Everyone is posting on Facebook letting everyone know they are okay. We are like a family here. From everyone’s posts, it seems like most of the husbands slept well last night. Go figure!

9am. The wind is picking up again. I thought the eye of the hurricane would last longer than it apparently did.

Noon, Thursday, Just when I thought we were almost out of it, it must have circled back because it feels like the winds are more violent that all night last night. All night, the winds were heading south. Now, they are heading Northwest. God, have mercy on us campers.

Our post office here at Oak Alley is closed today. The park has its own post office. It’s a few minute-walk from our site. We have Amazon packages that are being held for us at the Webster City post office. Tomorrow is Veteran’s day so we won’t be able to pick them up tomorrow.

12:26 pm. There has to be damage done during this round of hurricane winds. One resident of the park said they lost the roof of their shed. We keep hearing loud banging. We still have electricity. Hubby went up to bed. Nothing else to do. We have dish TV and it is still working so we can track the hurricane.

It’s mostly over. A few wind gusts. The park is coming alive.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind


3 thoughts on “Our first Hurricane!

  1. imcrabneck3@cox.net

    Glad ya’ll are good. The second round is usually the back side of the storm
    We are suppose to get the tropical storm remanetes tomorrow and Saturday
    Stay strong love you 😍 💓


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