October 21 thru October 27, 2022.

We are currently at our home away from home at Oak Alley RV Resort in Florida. I am a work camper for activities and have been very busy so I am now just getting around to posting the events from us leaving Pennsylvania and arriving in Florida.

Below is a daily post of our travels:

Friday, October 21, 2022

Our month at our home base in Pennsylvania flew by quickly. Today, we will stay home and prepare things for the 5th wheel. Tomorrow, we head out. I have reservations for the next 5 nights. Our first stop is in West Virginia. We will spend one night at the Flatwoods, KOA. Then it is off to Virginia where we will spend one night at the Wytheville, KOA. When we leave Wytheville, we head to a campground called the Barnyard in Lexington, South Carolina. We will need a little break by then so we are staying 2 nights. Our next one-night stay will be in Georgia at the Georgia Coastal RV park. Then it is off to Oak Alley.

Even though we try to keep our travel days under four hours, we still stop halfway through the drive to take a break. Our fur kids need a break too. They get to go for a little walkie and get a drink of water.

Our first stop is Flatwoods KOA for one night.

Our site was level, gravel, and long enough that if we wanted to unhitch, we would have plenty of room for our rig and the Big Boy Truck. Because we were level, we did not unhitch.

I am totally amazed at the speeds my T-mobile hot spot gets when we are in West Virginia. The picture on the left is the hot spot on my phone. On the right is using my T-mobile jet pack with my computer.

Hubby said we are never staying here again. Our site was on a hill. This is our third time staying at this campground, but I agree with Hubby. During our previous stays, our site was never at the top of this hill. Previously, we were always in a nice flat area. Don’t get me wrong, the sites were very nice on top of this hill. But, we won’t come back. The one-lane road leaving the hill was pretty, with the sun shining through the trees. This one-lane road was NOT big rig friendly. We are 61 feet long and 20K pounds. There were sections of this one-lane road that barely fit us width-wise. Then there was a section where it was a downgrade so steep when we started the decline, we could not even see the road in front of us. Hubby, using the trailer brakes and the Big Boy Truck brakes enabled us to creep down this section of the road. There was a 1700-seat amphitheater on the property at the bottom of this road and if our brakes failed, we would have a front-row view of the amphitheater stage. Coming down off of this hill was the longest 5 minutes ever.

Sunday, October 23.

Back on the road again. Heading towards Wytheville.

We needed to stop for a pit stop. So glad we have our bathroom with us.

Back at Wytheville KOA. This is probably the 5th or 6th time we’ve been here so we know what to expect. Our site is level and gravel; again, we do not need to unhitch.

Started out the day with two water bowels and when we arrived at the Wytheville KOA, we only had one.

DAH! Hubby woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me the water dish was not missing. Apparently one was on top of the other. Benji was thirsty in the middle of the night and Hubby saw the empty water dish. When Hubby filled the water dish, he saw both water bowls. The mystery is solved.

Monday, October 24th

Passing through Charlotte was a breeze today. Even though it was four lanes each way for traffic, traffic was light.

Another roadside rest.

We arrive at the Barnyard RV Park. Our site is 100 ft long and level. We did unhitch because we are spending two nights here and we have a few things to do during the one full day we will be here. This is a very nice RV park but unfortunately, we will not stay here again. When we leave this park, we travel on 95 south. There is a section of road that is so bad that we can’t believe we didn’t destroy the whole RV. We did have some damage inside.

The park is older but very nice. The staff was friendly. We had cable TV and excellent Internet.

The duck pond is large and has both ducks and geese.

The first SpeedCheck below is from the RV park’s guest WIFI. The second SpeedCheck is my T-mobile. We are in South Carolina. Our neighbor has Starlink. I noticed his little satellite on the ground and knew immediately what it was for. I asked him how he liked it. He thought it was great. The internet at Oak Alley is pretty awesome so I will use it all winter. In the spring, I will invest in Starlink.

This is our neighbor’s satellite antenna for Starlink. Nice! It has to face north.

Tuesday, October 25.

We did a Walmart run today. When we get to Oak Alley, we are having mimosas to celebrate our arrival. I bought orange juice and champagne. Vicki is bringing snacks and plastic glasses.

Wednesday, October 26

We are finally at our last stop before we arrive at Oak Alley. This is the map for Georgia Coastal RV resort. This is our second time at this RV park. It is very fancy. All concrete and beautifully landscaped. Follow the Blue Line on this map. Start at the Registration Office. This is the route we needed to take inside the park to enable us to pull thru our site.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind.


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