So Much To Do, Can’t Wait to Head South. It’s Cold In PA.

When I got home from Geneva-on-the-Lake, I decided I needed to get a hair cut. If my readers didn’t know, I went natural around a year ago. Unfortunately, natural is gray. The ends were blondish and that was what needed to go. I can’t tell you how many years my whole family has been going to Annie B’s Salon. Annie B is over 80 years old and gets around better than I do. Annie, in her comical way, chopped the blond off and threw it in my lap.

Annie does such a great job.

The end result. I love it.

Annie B’s salon is a short walk to one of the best candy stores in Sharon, PA. Daffin’s Candies. Chocolate Covered Cherries for the Hubby and some Fire Ball Hard Candies for me.

I love my ring cameras. Not only do I use my cameras for security, but I also use them to watch my hubby. And when the Hubby and I are both gone, I can watch our fur kids. With Ring cameras, not only can I see what the fur kids are doing, I can talk to them too.

Brother-In-Law, Scott to the rescue. If you read my previous posts, you will see we had a wheel issue. Hubby’s brother Scott is an excellent certified mechanic.

My Pennsylvania family loves when I am home. I get to help babysit my Great Grand Nephews. Yes, I said Nephews. Max on the left is shy and does not like strangers, especially barber strangers.

In a previous post, I told you I have plantar fasciitis. Well, it is not getting better. Even wearing a night boot and getting massages from my niece that is a physical therapy assistant is not helping. The pain is so terrible that I thought maybe I had a fracture. Got an x-ray and no fracture.

And this is what I am talking about. Sleet. Snow. Cold. Wind. WTH Pennsylvania????

It’s only October 19th.

My sister’s MIL (mother-in-law) lives next door. She has dementia in the semi-early stages. When I am home, I take her to the senior center for Bingo and lunch. Seniors should take advantage of the lunches at the senior center. Lunch is delicious and only $2.50. Today’s menu included a cheeseburger, potato soup, and banana pudding for dessert. Bingo is mainly for fun. It costs us $6 to play. I called Bingo once and won $3.

It’s been a busy month and again, I ran out of time. I wanted to have lunch with some friends and I could not make that happen. Mostly because I got sick again. Every time I come home to Pennsylvania and I’m around my family, I get sick. I did get to go to Geneva-on-the-Lake with family and friends. I did get to see my bestie JL and a few friends at a gathering at her SheShed. Last night, I had dinner with my God Daughter and her mom. The other day, I had lunch with another bestie from work.

We head South on Saturday. I have reservations made and we will take five nights to get to Florida. I’m looking forward to seeing all of my Florida friends.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind!


4 thoughts on “So Much To Do, Can’t Wait to Head South. It’s Cold In PA.

  1. I’m so glad to “see” you again! Your hair looks beautiful! I’m sorry about the pain in your foot. Ugh. Looks like life is going well and you have great family and friends to help when needed! Be safe and God bless you! PS~your smile makes me smile! 😃

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  2. I suffer from plantar plantar fasciitis the last time, after boots and PT. I went to Vince’s Family Shoes 3158 Main St in West Middlesex they provided me with inserts within a week I was better. I know next time it flairs up, that is where I’m going before a doctor visit.

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