From NC to PA

Pilot Mountain is a metamorphic quartzitemonadnock. It is a remnant of an acient chain of Sauratown Mountains. The Saura Native Americans called the mountain Jomeokee, meaning great guide. Driving north through North Carolina gives us a nice view of this mountain.

We go through two tunnels on our trip to PA. I hate tunnels. We fit fine but they still give me the creeps driving our big rig through them.

We stop overnight at two campgrounds. Both of these campgrounds we’ve been to on prior trips to PA. The first is Wytheville KOA and the second one was Summersville’s Lake Retreat in West Virginia. Yes, this is a real lighthouse located at the Summersville Lake Retreat. Our site was in a perfect spot to see the lighthouse at night and enabled me to snap this picture.

Off to the distance, we have a beautiful view of the lake from our site. So the lighthouse on one side of us the this view of the lake on the other.

In between campgrounds, we always stop to take a break and let our fur kids walk around.

OH NO. Our wheel fell off. We have no clue where we losr it because our TPMS system which we paid a ton of money for kept registering as if the tire was stil attached. It fell off somewhere between Wytheville KOA and Summersville Campground. When we pulled into Summersville campground, a lady came running up to us saying we were missing a wheel.

We get to our home base in PA and now we have to get this fixed. We need the whole Axel and everything attached to the Axel. I have to get the numbers off of the lable attached to the center of the Axel. I will keep you all posted on this progress.

We lucked out. We found a place that has all of the parts we need and it is an hour away. Hubby is on his way to pick everything up. More to come on this.

Prayers going out to all of my family and friends in Florida as IAN hits later today.

Father God,

We come together to pray for those who are residing in the path of Hurricane Ian. Lord, we remember the toll Hurricane Katrina had on the great state of Louisiana. We remember the agony so many were left in as their homes were destroyed and as lives were lost; Lord, we pray that with Hurricane Ian, we would not see that same result. We pray Father for those who are in the path of this storm. We pray that the storm would lose its momentum and strength and that it would dissipate rapidly. We pray for those in its path for protection from all harm and for the ability to find somewhere safe to abide. Lord, for those who are anxious or in distress during this storm, we pray John 14:27 for the peace only You can give, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you.” The threat is there, but peace can be found through You. We pray that this storm would lessen this very day in the Name of Jesus and that those in its path would be safe from harm.

God Bless everyone, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and say a prayer for my family and friends in Florida.


4 thoughts on “From NC to PA

  1. Wow! I am so glad that the wheel coming off didn’t cause your rig to crash! I have seen a few posts about this on a Facebook group for RVers that I follow.
    I do hope all your friends and family will be okay from the hurricane.



    So happy for you guys that a parts store wasn’t to far. Safe travels and keep your wheels on. Praying for Florida. Been there done that


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