Applewood Farmhouse Grill & Friends

Being on the road traveling, we’ve made friends all over the United States. Social media enables us to stay in touch with our new friends. Last winter, during our stay at Oak Alley, we made many friends and among those friends were Kathie and Dan. When we met them, Dan teased “it was Kathie with an ie and not a y”.

During our first week here in Pigeon Forge, I posted some pictures on FaceBook showing we were in Tennessee and lo and behold, I got a text message from Kathie saying they were only an hour away from us and would we like to meet up. Of course, we would like to see them.

Because we have the pups, we asked if they could come to us. Maybe meet for dinner. They said yes.

We met at the Applewood Farmhouse Grill in Sevierville and not only did we enjoy great company, we enjoyed our meal. We will be at Oak Alley again this winter and so will Kathie and Dan. I am a work-camper this winter season as assistant director of activities. Kathie and Dan join in many activities. Folks out in the world RVing, this is how you meet people. Join in the activities your park has to offer. Last year, I did many hours of volunteering with activities and I met many nice people. Friends for life.

We left our fur kids for 3.5 hours while we dined with Kathie and Dan. We have cameras inside and outside of our RV. We like the cameras so we can see what our fur kids are doing. Fortunately, when we do leave them alone, all three lay on the couch and watch TV. The one place we did not have a camera was where one of them pooped on the floor. Hubby, not looking down stepped in it. Oh dear! I had a mess to clean up.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind!

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