Cove Creek RV Resort, EMS, T-Mobile & Winter Clothes

Monday, August 1

We pulled out of Baileyton KOA around 11:00 am. One thing I did before we pulled out that I don’t do often do was go to the office and tell the staff goodbye and thank them for their hospitality. KOA Holiday campgrounds are all nice. They all have nice camp stores, ammenities and lately, really good internet. What sets this one apart from others is the staff. Don’t get me wrong, the staff at other campgrounds we’ve stayed at were nice, but at this KOA, the girls were very friendly and each time I went to the office/campstore, they made me feel special. Just saying!

We had a very short travel day, about an hour and a half. Check-in at Cove Creek is 3 pm. I called a few days before we checked in to make sure we were okay checking in early. Yep, we were good to go.

Nestled within Wears Valley, with a creek running through it, Cove Creek RV Resort is a paradise in the mountains.

Our site is 55 feet long so we have to park the Big Boy Truck at an angle, which is fine wiith us. We are parked on Concrete, which is always nice. Most of the roads inside of the park are paved or concrete.

Two years ago when we were in this area, we stayed at a new resort called The Ridge. It was right in the middle of everything in Pigeon Forge. Cove Creek is in the mountains and around nine miles from all of the Pigeon Forge action. Cove Creek is a smaller campground with only 95 sites. Looks like a lot of annual residents reside here, which is fine. Cove Creek has weekend activities and Bingo every Thursday evening at 7 pm. I will check out Bingo. On several weekend evenings, Cove Creek offers entertainment at the pool. We are so close to the pool we should be able to hear the entertainment from our site if we do not want to go to the pool area.

The pictures below are back-in gravel sites. I took the pictures for the view of the mountains. The creek runs right behind these sites.

Look at this weather for the next how many days. If we were on vacation, I would say “this sucks”. But this is our life and we are not on vacation. With 96% humidity, we will keep the RV shut up. Our rig is well insulated and we have double-paned windows so with our air on, it stays dry and cold inside. Sometimes too cold. The double-paned windows help with temperature, humidity, and outside noise.

With the dark skies looming, it is hard to get a good picture of the pool area. I’ll take more pictures when the sun comes out.

The covered bridge is a short walk from our site.

It appears you can drive through it. Not something I want to take the Big Boy Truck through.

The creek by the covered bridge is nice. But it turns into a small stream in some areas of the resort. I sure hope we don’t get a ton of rain. I read it could overflow.

I am totally amazed at the speeds I’ve been getting with my T-mobile lately. My plan gives me 100 gigs of high-speed internet on my phone, 100 gigs on Hubby’s phone, 100 gigs on my 5G Hotspot, and 50 gigs on my 4G Hotspot. I had the same fast speeds at our last campground in Baileyton, Tennessee. Baileyton was a small town with a few fuel stations off the interstate, a Dollar General, and one restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

Every camper should have an Electrical Management System (EMS) and surge protector. The first one we bought started to malfunction after 2 years so we notified Progressive Industries and they replaced it under their lifetime warranty. Because we were traveling and the replacement went to our home base, we didn’t want to be without protection so we went to Camping World and purchased another one and when we got back home, we put the replacement in our RVstorage comparrtment as a backup. A few weeks ago, the one we bought from Camping World started to malfunction and give us a low voltage code, which when the park checked the electricity coming into our site, it was fine, So we hooked up our back-up unit and it worked great. Progressive Industries is sending us a replacement for the one we bought at Camping World. I love this EMS, but a little disappointed in having two of them go bad on us. On the other hand, Progressive Industries is a fantastic company to work with.

This is a cubby hole next to the king-size bed in the bedroom. For almost three years we’ve been carting around winter clothes and jackets. Are we insane? We might need one sweater and one jacket but not as many as we carry around with us. I might have to do something about this.

Who let the fly in? Who, Who, Who let the fly in? A fly (at the speed of light) has been buzzing around me for two days now Who let the fly in?

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind, even that pesky fly.


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