Buffalo Mountain Park & Farm Markets

I found a tourist attraction I wanted to go to. It is in Johnson City.

Buffalo Mountain Park is a 725-acre natural resource area obtained in 1994 through a land swap with the U.S. Forest Service. The park is located on the north slope of Buffalo Mountain and consists of steep topography and densely forested land. The park functions as a nature preserve primarily for hiking, picnicking, and nature programs.

This is the picture that enticed me to want to go to Buffalo Mountain Park. I have to admit that the road we believe went to this area was closed and to be completely honest, we were not exiting our Big Boy Truck and we made sure our doors were locked.

What we found was what we thought was a run-down park that was perfect for a lover’s lane. We saw picnic tables and places to pull off. There were a few cars parked in the pull-off spaces. Could have been hikers parking there or suspicious minds would think something suspicious was going on.

The one-lane roads were so narrow that if another car would come toward us, they would never be able to pass in some sections of the lane.

Well, that was a disappointment. I’m glad we didn’t drive to Johnson City just to see this attraction. Our main reason for going to Johnson City was Target Department Store.

We found two different markets. One was Troyer’s and the other was Yoder’s.

Both markets were identical inside.

Oh, dear! Hubby found a grape fine. Don’t tell anyone but Hubby ate a few grapes from the vine.

This beautiful Monarch Butterfly was on the ground under our 5th wheel. Years before my father passed in 1993, my parents wanted to go full-time traveling in a small motorhome. I remember them showing me a newspaper ad showing a picture of the RV they were thinking about. Their dream never came true, probably because of my sister and me. I think they just could not leave us. When I see a Monarch Butterfly fluttering around our site, I think “mom and dad approve”.

Then and Now. Our mode of travel prior to 2019 was our GoldWing motorcycle. Sometimes I miss traveling on the Wing, but my body could never handle that type of travel these days. Now, we travel in style and comfort.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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