Update on Hot Water Situation & My New Singer Handheld Sewing Machine

Thank you, Google. I found out how to fix the problem of not having hot water. If you did not read my previous post, I took a cold shower. We checked a few things we knew to check and still no hot water. Not cold water, but nowhere near hot. It took a while to find the exact fix I am looking for and when I did find something, I thought this would never work but we needed to try it. We have a hose connection in our water door. Hubby uses it once in a while. Google told me that not shutting the water on this hose in the water door will cause the inside water to not get hot. What in the heck would this connection have to do with hot water inside. I told Hubby to see if he turned off the water to that hose. Hubby went out and sure enough, saw that he did not close it. He closed it and we could not believe it. We again had hot water. Who would figure? Thanks to Google, we saved a service call.

Singer Sewing Machine

We have a king-size bed and standard-size pillows. We do not like king-size pillows. The pillowcases that came with king-size sheets were king-size pillowcases. I kept thinking if only I had a sewing machine. I could cut the pillowcases to fit the standard-size pillows and sew them.

I have no room for a sewing machine, but what about a handheld sewing machine? I checked Amazon and sure enough, they had exactly what I wanted and the price was right. Cheaper than buying new pillowcases.

I can make room for this. I ordered it and got it delivered to the campground two days later. Now to learn how to use it. Thank you “YouTube”. Three detailed videos later I was sewing my pillowcases.

BUT!!! For my first pillowcase, I cut the wrong end and ended up sewing the wrong end.

Both ends were now closed. Guess I learned what not to do.

The next five pillowcases I cut and sewed were perfect. I’m a happy camper. BooBoo was not interested in my sewing job. He patiently waited for me to finish.

That evening a Momentum with full body paint pulled in beside us. The man was alone and had on a Grand Desing logo shirt. I think he was delivering this fine rig to some happy camper. My ring camera caught this picture of the 5th wheel. It’s not often we have a full body paint Momentum pull in on the site next to us. He came in late and left very early the next morning.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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