Baileyton KOA Holiday 

Monday, July 18, we take the short two-hour drive to Baileyton. As much as I like short drives, it means we stop more and hitch and unhitch. It always seems like when we are staying at a campground for a few days we get a site so level that we would not have to unhitch and level up. When we stop for one night, it always seems like we are too unlevel to put out the slides so we unhitch. It only takes us probably less than a half hour, but when the temperature is 90º with 90% humidity, it can be exhausting.

On this day, the dark clouds would produce rain.

Apparently, their office is brand new. Not every KOA sends an email but I like it when I get an email. I print off all of my confirmations when I make the reservation, but I feel more secure that the KOA knows we are coming when I receive the email.

The office is super nice. Inside is the reservation office and store. They sell appetizers, ice cream, and pizza.

Our site is a pull-thru, gravel, and level. We have full hook-ups.

Other than our first night here (and I will talk about that later in this post) this park is very quiet. This is our third night here and I’m amazed the park is not busier than it is. Usually, campgrounds that are right off the interstate have overnight-stay people coming and going. Our section of the park has been very empty since we got here.

We do not have a patio site and I’m glad I didn’t pay for one at this park. The patio sites are not any bigger than the one we are in and all they have is a small concrete area with a grill and chairs. We never use the park’s grill so it is not a big deal that we have one. I always have intentions to use the grill but I never do.

I believe the section of the park we are in is new. We do have nice scenery around us with mountains in our view.

This swimming pool and surrounding area are nice. I just might have to take advantage of it on the hot days when we are staying in.

I had to take a picture of this. I’ve never seen water wars before and have no clue how it works. I can’t imagine what the net is for. Weekends are probably busy here so maybe there will be water wars this weekend.

As promised, here is my story about our noisy neighbors. When we pull in, the site next to us has an ugly blue tarp covering a mound of stuff. I’m thinking “oh boy” is this park going to be a junky park? There is an older motorhome parked on the site and what appears to be a brand new TrailBlazer. Hubby and I discussed the age of the motorhome. I said it was older. He said it was newer. The front window’s frame split the window in two and that usually means it is an older coach. Newer coaches have one big window. Hubby and I usually disagree on stuff like this. I’m usually right.

We are done with dinner and relaxing. Hubby is in bed watching TV and I’m doing my usual activities in the garage area where BooBoo and I hang out. I hear a knock on my door and the pups go bat shit crazy. Who needs a doorbell? Not us.

A lady asked me if they could park their TrailBlazer behind our rig while they load up their U-haul with the stuff that is under the blue tarp. Well, since they already parked there before they asked, I said ok. I would have said OK anyway. It was not hurting anything.

As you can see by my Ring camera, it is 7:31 pm and they are still loading. I don’t know what time they stopped for the night, but bright and early the next morning they finish loading. At 6:30 am, during quiet hours they are banging and talking loudly. Not only are they loading the U-haul, but they are also going back and forth to the TrailBlazer parked a few feet from where I was sleeping. I was up at 6 am anyway. I don’t know where everyone came from but there were around four adults and two children.

Soon we see a large tow truck come into the park and take the coach away. Soon after that, they get into the TrailBlazer and U-haul and off they go.

I find out later in the day, that they rented the RV back in Maryland. I was told by the KOA staff that they were city folk and could not get the jacks to lift so they called the person they rented the coach from and said they were leaving it. They must have rented the TrailBlazer. They told the KOA staff that camping was not for them. That was no surprise to me.

On the other side of us pulls in this huge Prevost coach pulling a trailer with a Range Rover on it. Nothing like starting the diesel engine at 7 am and running it for 45 minutes.

To make matters worse, I took a cold shower in the morning. I was not waiting to find out what the problem was and I was not using the park’s shower room. I survived.

I can do anything you can do better. It seems like the hubby struggles with certain things because he does not have patience. I hear him complaining and I go to help. This time he was changing the rod that goes into the water heater and he could not get the rod to twist. I go out and access the situation and I say let me try. He says “I know it will work for you”. Sure enough, I find that the rod drops when you put it in so it would not thread so I tilted the rod up a little so it was straight into the hole, and “YIPPEE” it threaded and I saved the day. It does not bother Hubby that I come to the rescue, he always says “What would I do without you?” And I reply “You’re welcome”.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind.


One thought on “Baileyton KOA Holiday 

  1. Valerie Miller

    The water wars are two teams one on each end and there is a big sling shot in the built in area and you launch water balloons at each other. The net helps contain the debris to one area. Our kids play it at a KOA we go to in Ohio and have a lot of fun. I can’t think I could see you and the hubby slinging them at each other. LOL


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