Sunday, July 17, 2022

On July 11, we arrived at the Natural Bridge/Lexington KOA.for our six-night stay. We left this morning for our one-night stay at Wytheville, Virginia, KOA. This post is a week late because Natural Bridge’s WIFI was very slow. My T-mobile 5G was a little faster but neither was high speed enough for me to upload pictures. We are now at Wytheville and the park has 5G high-speed internet. I’ve found that many campgrounds, especially KOA campgrounds are upgrading their WIFI. I was amazed at the speeds here at Wytheville KOA.

Even though Natural Bridge KOA had crappy internet, the campground was very nice. The staff was friendly and helpful. I received a package on our second day there and “as usual” my last name was mis-spelled. Good thing I went in right after I got the text notification showing the package was delivered. They did not have anyone in the park with my misspelled last name and the package was ordered before I knew our site number. We laughed about it each time I went into the store.

Our site was a pull-thru with full hookups. It was gravel, level, and plenty long enough to fit our Big Boy Truck. We had a nice concrete patio. We like a spacious site, so when I reserve, I opt for a deluxe site with a patio. Most times we do not even use the patio but those sites are mostly larger. Last week’s temperatures were hot with high humidity so we mostly stayed inside with the air on.

Our patio was very nice. Another plus with this site and all campgrounds should have them is the fence that separates the sites. The fence in the picture below is nice looking and does the job of separating our site from our neighbors. We had a gas grill, wrought iron table and chairs, and a fire pit with chairs. The patio stones were a nice addition to the decoration of the patio.

The road leading to the Blue Ridge is one sharp curve after another. We still have a few miles to go before we get to the Blue Ridge.

We’ve been on the Blue Ridge many times Both on the motorcycle and in the Big Boy Truck. Don’t let the dark skies full you. We were waiting for a storm that never happened.

I love the Blue Ridge Parkway. I remember one year we started at Skyline Drive and went all the way to Cherokee, North Carolina. I believe it’s 574 miles from Skyline Dr to Cherokee. We were on the motorcycle. It took us a week because we stopped at each tourist attraction on the way. Now, we just take the Big Boy Truck and just enjoy the scenery.

There are many overlooks that you can stop at, park, get out and take pictures or just enjoy the view.

Time for a selfie at the Arnold Valley overlook.

Before we exit the parkway, we cross over the James River.

BooBoo, Benji, and Bella are good riders. We bring them along on all of our day trips.

Some people don’t like driving on the Blue Ridge because it has a speed limit of 45 mph and many of the curves have a limit of 30 to 35 mph or slower. We are never in a hurry. This brings me to mention the young girl that was truly tailgating us. As soon as she was able to pass us, she gave us the finger. Little does she know, we laughed at her immaturity and we enjoyed the rest of the day. I did say a little prayer for her asking God to protect her while she was driving at a high rate of speed.

We are at currently Wytheville KOA, still in Virginia. We leave tomorrow for Tennessee. This campground is our “goto” campground when traveling and in need of a one or two-night stopover. If you want to see more pictures there are plenty in previous posts. We arrived here at 12:30 and the campground was mostly empty. It is now 7:30 and the park is mostly full.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind, and Slow Down and Smell the Roses.

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