Small Country Campground, Louisa Virginia

We were supposed to go to Harper’s Ferry Koa in West Virginia. What was I thinking? After re-thinking, I started to look for alternatives. With the cost of fuel and just wanting to head towards Tennessee, I thought it would be best to change directions and head west.

There were two campgrounds that had availability in this area. The one campground did not have any reviews and when I called to check availability, we were told they had a back-in spot on top of a hill where we would need a 4-wheel drive to get up the hill. This campground, The Small Country Campground had availability so I booked it. We had to pay in advance. There was no turning back now. The reviews were pretty good but we all know it’s a crapshoot.

We pull in around 1 pm.

This is a campground and not a resort. It is not even a KOA but I would stay here again, only if we could get the same site as we are in now. Site #1.

We both should have known better. Hubby is still beating himself up for even trying it. We were assigned site 35, here at the Small Country Campground. When we got to site 35, it was at a pretty steep downhill slope. Why did we even try it? We added extra wood blocks to the front jacks. We should not have even unhitched, but we did. It was very hot and humid. We raised the front jacks before we hit auto level. We should have never tried auto-level. The front jacks were to their limit and it gave an error. Again, what were we thinking? No way is this going to work. Our rear end of the RV was not even a foot off the ground and we were nowhere near level. We hitched back up. Thankfully the jacks were okay.

Of course, I went into the office to talk to them. I told them that site #35 would not work. They reassigned us to a nice, flat, long site. Why they didn’t give us a flat site in the beginning, I’ll never know. I did not ask.

The office/camp store was a two-minute walk from our site. The pool was nice. The water did not look crystal clear. There were a lot of people swimming.

This is a big campground located on a small lake called Beaver Lake. There is a beach area with sand. There was yellow tape around the swing set.

This is a large campground full of full-time tenants. Some of the campers here look like they’ve been here for a very long time.

The lake had a beach area

The highlight of this park is their PutPut course. It is free to all residents and guests.

The kids love the Jump Pad.

On weekends the Stray Cat Snack Shack offered pizza and ice cream cones.

Louisa has a pie shop called Floozies Pie Shop. When we get there, we find they are closed. They are only open on Fridays and Saturdays. No pie for Hubby.

Right in the middle of town is a cute little garden.

Louisa is a quaint little town.

Benji photo-bombed us. They are such good riders. Bella usually just sleeps. Benji only barks when he sees a motorcycle or people walking. BooBoo is really good until Hubby turns on the turn signal. BooBoo does not like the turn signal.

At 5 am on Sunday morning, we were awakened by a strange noise. The pups were barking. Hubby and I looked around inside. Nothing out of the ordinary inside. The noise must have bothered Hubby because at 6 am, Hubby was looking out the windows to see what made that strange noise. It was not a loud noise so we were shocked to look out the window to see a huge tree had fallen within a few feet of our Big Boy Truck. Look at the first picture below and see how big the trunk of this tree was. We were very lucky. God is good.

The owner is a hard worker. From what we can tell, he does most of the work in this campground. He had the tree cleaned up quickly.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and Be Grateful for the Good Things in Your Life. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

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