Wedding & Anniversary Party

We are in Virginia at the Williamsburg Busch Gardens KOA campground. My northern family is staying at the Kingsmill Resort, about 15 minutes away from the KOA. We are all here in Virginia for Loren’s wedding and John & Jeanette’s wedding anniversary.

I spent most of the day on Friday at the Kingsmill Resort with my sister, my nieces, their husbands, and the babies. I went back on Saturday and spent the night. Saturday and Sunday would be busy.

Friday night girls evening out for a drink. I opted out as it was a long day in the sun.

Saturday was my cousin Loren’s wedding. The shuttle picked us up at 4:45 pm and took us to Seaford. The wedding and reception were held at Loren’s dad’s property in Seaford, Virginia. Seaford is a small community in York County. The community has remained small over the years and includes many waterfront properties. Mac (Loren’s dad) owns a beautiful piece of waterfront property. Perfect for a wedding.

Congrats to Loren and Phil.

It was a little hot, but other than the heat, the weather was perfect. The yard was perfectly decorated.

Booze Boat



The FAMILY (well some of us)

The Wedding Anniversary

The wedding anniversary party for Jeanette and John was supposed to be a surprise. It was supposed to be held on Friday evening. Loren and Phil’s rehearsal dinner was on Friday evening and the surprise was that it was not a rehearsal dinner, it would be a surprise party for Loren’s grandparents and my cousins John and Jeanette. Well, the VID, or Rona as some people call it screwed that up. John and Jeanette both tested positive and they would still be in quarantine on Friday evening.

I was supposed to be a flower girl at John and Jeanette’s wedding. A few days before my family was supposed to drive to Virginia, I got sick with Scarlatina. I would have been around eight years old at that time.

It’s not very often we have most of the family together. The only one missing in this picture is the Hubby. The heat and the events of the two days would be too much for the Hubby so he stayed at the KOA with the fur kids.

It was a very nice weekend being with my northern family and my southern family.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and be grateful for all time spent with family.


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