On the Road Again. Hagerstown / Antietam Battlefield KOA 

Our home base in Pennsylvania is nicknamed “2207”. It fits our needs perfectly for the few months that we are not on the road or spending winters in Florida. On Sunday, Father’s Day, the Hubby and I pulled out of the driveway at 2207 in search of new adventures. Because of the high fuel costs, our adventures will keep us in a few states in eastern United States. In a few weeks, I will be meeting up with the family in Virginia. We are all heading to Loren’s wedding. Hubby and I will be staying at the Williamsburg, KOA and the family will be staying at a resort in Williamsburg.

On Father’s day morning, my sister and her Hubby came to 2207 to see us off and shot this video. We got a late start mostly because we don’t have a check-out time at 2207 to abide to. We left at noon.

We arrived in Hagerstown, Maryland around 5 pm. What a day we had driving there. All was good until we were within an hour’s drive of our destination. There was construction in Breezewood, Pennsylvania and we were at a standstill and creeping along for a good 45 minutes. To make matters worse, we needed to fuel up, but we were in the middle of several lanes of both stopped and moving traffic. We could not get to one of the fuel stations if we wanted to.

We make it to the road that leads to the campground without running out of fuel. Go figure, we didn’t know that we should not have followed the GPS and we have a huge problem. After the fact, I looked it up on their website and sure enough, if I clicked on directions, I would have seen the warning not to use the GPS. But I never clicked on directions because I use my GPS.

They sent me a text message the morning of our reservation. Wouldn’t it make more sense to add the GPS warning to the text message? How easy would that be?

We are 60 feet long. We are minutes away from the KOA. We were on a narrow one-way bridge and we had to make a left-hand turn onto a very narrow road leading to the campground. To our surprise, our tail swing hit the guardrail. The guardrail has many scrapes and dents so we know we were not the only one that had this problem. Minor damage that can be fixed with a hammer. On the driver side of the 5th wheel, we had not even a six inch clearance from the guardrail on that side of the road. Thankfully, we did not hit that guardrail. There was no backing up.

Wait, I’m not done. After we unhitched, Hubby noticed he needed to back up the big boy truck a little to get into our site. As Hubby was backing, he backed right into the 5th wheel hitch. OUCH!

As you can imagine we were totally exhausted by the time we finished setting up. We are finally in our site and level. Water, electric, cable, and sewer are hooked-up. We could finally relax.

This KOA has cable TV but no WIFI. My T-mobile has a good enough signal to check email, surf the web, play games, and write my blog, but uploading images for this post is taking forever. So I am calling it a night, going to bed, and will start a new post tomorrow.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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