coo-OO-oo & It’s Time to Go!

It was bitter sweet pulling out of Oak Alley this morning. Sad to leave a place that gave me so much joy but excited for the summer months of traveling. One thing I will not miss at Oak Alley is the two doves that woke me up every morning. Bright and early every morning they sing to each other. Coo-OO-oo echoes throughout the park. I found the definition for Coo-OO-oo is “WAKE UP YOU SLEEPY CAMPERS”. I’m not sure what tree they live in but it sounds like they are in the tree on a limb that hangs right over my bedroom window. Coo-OO-oo, Coo-OO-oo, Coo-OO-oo, Coo-OO-oo.

One thing I will miss at Oak Alley is not having to live out of containers. At Oak Alley, things I used to use daily would sit out on tables. When traveling which we will do all summer, things have to be secured. I am the container queen.

Oh, how I wish I could take Oak Alley’s “high-speed internet” with me. Hubby and I have T-Mobile on our phones and I have a MIFI jet pack with T-mobile. T-mobile works good, but not like fiberoptics at Oak Alley.

I will miss these two people the most. Ashley and Jojo. They are multi-taskers. They work in the office as well as manage 90% of the activities in the park. Everyone loves Ashley and Jojo. I tease Ashley that I’m going to adopt her. Jojo made me feel at home the day we checked in, six months ago. ❤️

I made so many friends here at Oak Alley. Kim is the manager and what a great manager she is. She is always helpful. She has a sweet bubbly personality. Always has a smile on her face.

One of the first couples I got to meet at Oak Alley is Shawn and Angela. Angela is a work camper and was a great addition to the office. They are also camp hosts. Angela is the BINGO queen. She wins every week. They are the life of any party and I’m glad to call them friends.

The one thing this park is known for is pickleball. Pickleball Deb is a huge asset to Oak Alley. She offers free pickleball lessons and is on-site organizing and playing. I hear nothing but compliments about Deb’s friendly and knowledgable personality from guests of Oak Alley. Oak Alley has 12 state-of-the-art Pickleball courts. Deb has over 100 bright outfits in her closet and always looks professional. Today was bright orange. During the busy season, all 12 courts are full with a waiting list daily. Oak Alley guests want to come back just for pickleball.

These four people make everything in the kitchen happen. Everything from decorating the clubhouse to cooking breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. They grill some tasty hotdogs and brats for poolside entertainment events. Holidays are a challenge they excel at. On an occasion like Easter or Christmas, they can feed over 100 people without skipping a beat.

These two are also multi-taskers. They work in the mailroom as well as run Bingo.

It takes a Village to run Oak Alley and these are just a few of the people that make it run smoothly. Many of the camp workers have left and headed back to their home base. Most of the people pictured above are annual residents. It will be quite a reunion when we all return in the fall.

Below are a few of the many friends I’ve made at Oak Alley.

God Bless. Stay Safe. Be Kind to Every Kind

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