Up on the Roof!

We love our site here at Oak Alley. We are on a corner lot near the entrance of the park. It is a few minutes’ walk to the clubhouse. A few minutes walk to the office. We have a huge oak tree between our rig and the road. The oak tree provides lots of shade but also puts a lot of crap in our gutters on top of the rig. Yesterday, the Hubby got up on the roof to clean the gutters and make sure the toppers on the slides were free of debris.

We have a battery leaf blower that comes in handy for many things. We used it all winter to blow leaves and such off of the deck. Now, we need it to clear debris from the roof.

The big oak tree supplies plenty of shade.

We rented a self storage unit. Why cart our golf cart and one scooter all summer long when we know we won’t be using them. We borrowed a friends trailer so we transfer the golf cart and scooter from the campground to the storage unit. Thank you Missy.

We rented a 10 X 10 unit. We are slowly filling it.

Daily we take things to store.

Holy Love Bugs. They’re everywhere!

BooBoo and I still have our bedroom in the Toy Hauler garage. Since we aren’t taking everything with us, we can keep our bedroom in the garage.

I thought I would get one more pool day in before we leave. I had the pool to myself for a few hours before others came to swim. It was very relaxing.

We have our own washer and dryer in our 5th wheel, but I needed to get a few blankets washed. Two washers are for large loads. The cost is $3 for these two washers and well worth it.

Two more full days before we leave.

God Bless. Stay Safe. Be Kind to Every Kind.

One thought on “Up on the Roof!

  1. Pat Ault

    Hi Linda! I can see you are having a great time. I wanted to see if there were any volunteer positions available at Oak Alley that you are aware of? I have sent my application to Florida State parks for volunteer opportunities, but I would really like to see if this campground has any openings. Dave and I want to go South in the winter and we are not able to afford the fees, so volunteering is an option for us. I told my friends about this campground after you wrote about it, and they loved it. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Have a safe trip home!


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