I’m Back Posting Again! I’ve been enjoying life at Oak Alley

I can’t believe it is April 26th already and in a few short days, we will be hitching up and leaving Oak Alley. I’ve been so busy having fun that I’ve been neglecting my blog. Oak Alley has so much going on and I volunteered to run a lot of the activities. When we leave here on May first, we will have been here for six months. It seems like yesterday we pulled in and I asked Kim if I could run a Euchre game night.

We will be back next year. We found our winter home. I’ve made so many friends. Some will return and some won’t. But they will all have a place in my heart. Next year, I will be a work camper.

On April 1st many of the guests and snowbird residents started pulling out and heading back to the cold and snowy home in the north. The owner of Oak Alley, Grant held an end-of-season party to show his appreciation for all of the guests and what a party it was. It was a beautiful day for a party.

There were give-a-ways. People won camping stuff and money. JoAnne and I sold 50/50 tickets at the party. We gave away two cash prizes.

My friend Chris helped in the kitchen. Free food and beer were a big hit at this party.

The entertainment for the day was singer Tim Haggis. This was a huge hit.

Tim Haggis can get people up on their feet dancing which isn’t hard for this group of people. I don’t think I’ve been to an RV park where so many people get involved.

On Monday afternoons, I teach Euchre and 500 bid. People wanted to join my Wednesday evening Euchre tournament but didn’t know how to play. I figured I would fix that.

On Wednesday evenings, I facilitate a Euchre tournament night. During the busy season, we were getting nine tables of Euchre players.

On Monday evenings I help out with Bingo. I tease that I am a jack of all trades and master of none. You can tell by the smile on my face how much fun I have. People ask: “what don’t you do”. We laugh.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, my friend Margaret and I sold 50/50 tickets at the luncheons and Breakfasts that are held in the clubhouse.

I learned Mahjong this year and try to play whenever I can find 4 people that know how to play. Next year we will promote Mahjong and hopefully we can get games going once a week. Susan taught me how to play and I got so hooked that I bought my own game. I needed one more tile on this game to win and it ended up being a Wallgame which means we ran out of tiles before anyone could call Mahjong.

On Friday afternoon, I facilitate PO-KE-NO. This game is a lot of fun.

Chuck is a good sport as we tease him and laugh with him, not at him.

I helped organize and attended a Ladies’ Afternoon Tea. It was fun to dress up.

There is always entertainment at the pool. At least once a week Oak Alley has entertainment at the pool.

At least twice a month or more we have entertainment inside of the clubhouse. Oak Alley guests love dancing.

I help when needed collecting admission money at the door for special events that are held on Weekends.

Usually, a $5 admission brings a nice crowd. Good musicians bring out awesome dancers.

I am an admin on the camper’s Oak Alley Facebook page. Anyone that follows my blog, you know I love taking pictures. Our Oak Alley Facebook page is private. Can you imagine the pictures I have posted on that page of all of the fun we have had here these past 5 ½ months?

When I am not busy with activities, I have time to hang out with girlfriends. I went to the beach with friends.

For my birthday, I met my sister and her husband at Crystal River. Gerri and Larry came to Florida for a few weeks and their first stop when in Florida was Crystal River. Hubby drove me to Crystal River and I spent two nights with them.

Yes, my sister brought the cold and rain from Pennsylvania with her. It was a cold, rainy few days. We survived. This was not typical Florida weather.

I went home for a week to attend Molly’s wedding shower.

Gotta take advantage of getting my teeth cleaned. My niece Chelsea and her husband have their own dental practice. Chelsea is my dental hygienist.

Gotta get my hair done when home. Love Gianna at ICON Studio.

Nothing is more important than spending time with family and playing with the babies.

The whole time I’ve been doing fun things, the Hubs graciously holds down the fort watching our fur kids.

We still take our fur kids to Pawtique Pet Salon for their spa day.

While waiting for Benji to get groomed, we visit Walmart and Publix and we take a walk on the walkway at the park.

more waiting

Picking up Benji at the groomers.

Benji is happy to be back in the big boy truck with his family.

Another Florida sunset. These pictures were taken with my phone and they were not photoshopped. The colors are vibrant. I will miss these beautiful sunsets.

In a few days, we will be back on the road again. I will start blogging regularly again.

God Bless Everyone, Stay Safe & Be Kind to Every Kind.

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