Thanksgiving and November Coming to an End.

November is coming to an end. Today is four weeks we’ve been here at Oak Alley. Both the Hubby and I like it here. We enjoy the site we are on. I think most people wouldn’t like this site because of all of the traffic that goes by. We are next to the short-term sites so every day campers are coming in and leaving and it can be noisy. Maybe the Hubby and I are a little odd because we like watching the traffic. We like sitting on our deck watching everyone go by. I think most campers like to be off of the beaten trail and they like the quiet. Not us. Hubby will say “here comes another camper in” or “there goes another camper out”.

November was a busy month. Hubby, for the most part, stays at the camper while I like getting out and doing things. He does not mind me being active and I do not mind him being inactive. I did make sure he accompanied me to the Thanksgiving dinner.

Oak Alley treated us to Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone contributed a dish of their favorite holiday food. Because I do not like to cook, my contribution was three raw veggie and olives platters. Dinner was a huge success. From what I was told, 140 people were attending. We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and rolls supplied by Oak Alley. Attendees brought everything from side dishes to desserts.

There were tables inside and some people ate at tables outside by the pool. There was a nice turnout for this dinner and we had plenty of food. It was even announced that if anyone wanted seconds to get in line.

The temps are in the 70s this week. On Black Friday, I spent a few hours sitting by the pool. The sun was nice and warm and the air was a little chilly. It was kinda perfect because it was the right mixture of hot and cold so that I was neither too hot nor too cold. I feel I need to mention it is snowing and cold back in our home base where my family is.

I did not have to go black Friday shopping. I did all of my shopping online. I’m mostly done.

The camp workers are starting to decorate for Christmas.

I could probably post pictures of the sunsets every evening. Just like snowflakes, not two sunsets are alike.

Christine and her husband, Dave, had a great idea for Friday evenings. A gathering at the pool area by the gas firepit. She had a nice turnout for this gathering. We all brought our own drink of our choice. Since this was our first gathering, we all took turns to introduce ourselves and tell others a little about ourselves. Some of my fellow campers also told us of things they did for enjoyment in the area.

Snug as a bug in a rug! BooBoo is very comfortable.

Benji is a horrible walker. When we take Benji for a walk, he pulls on the leash so hard that he chokes himself. He also wants to run faster than we walk so he ends up digging into the asphalt. After one walk, his paws are filthy black from the asphalt. I got a brilliant idea. I put shoes on his front paws. Guess what? It worked. He could not get the traction he is used to getting. Look! He is even color-coordinated. Well, almost. His bright green harness does not match.

A tree decorating event followed by hot chocolate and cookies was held in the clubhouse. Again, we had a nice turnout for this event.

And I even helped. I’m not much for decorating. I put a few decorations on the tree while socializing.

We were all holding our breath, while John put the star on top of the tree. Please don’t fall off of the ladder John.

Another awesome sunset.

People ask me if I make money writing my blog. Absolutely not. I’m not writing the blog for money. I started to write my blog so my family and friends can read about our travels. Along the way, I picked up some followers which I am very glad about. To date, my total ad revenue is $35.79. You might think that is for one month. WRONG. That is for over two years. I’m not writing my blog for income. I write it because I enjoy writing it. I love that I have family, friends, and followers reading my blog.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and November Coming to an End.

  1. When we go to Gulf State Park, our site is right at the main stop sign. Lots of traffic at certain times. But we like it because it is close to the nature center, laundry, store, pool and the shuttle stop. The traffic doesn’t bother us. Plus the shuttle driver would drop us off at our site since it was so close! I like your analogy of sunsets and snowflakes – no two are alike! I haven’t monetized my blog with ads. The $35 doesn’t even cover the cost of the blog. But the main thing is the enjoyment of having a blog. It looks like you had a really nice time at that resort. Safe travels!


  2. Bruce Adams

    You guys are awesome. thanks for the pics. Jan and I are thinking of you and praying for safe travels. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas.


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