Oak Alley, Pawtique, & a fun evening for a wine walk.

Oak Alley will be our home for the next six months. We’ve never stayed in one location for longer than three months.

We have what they call a “lot and a half”. We love this lot. It is on a corner and very spacious. Almost all of the lots are on grass. We have full-hookups and free internet.

We have a mighty oak on our lot. Gives us plenty of shade in the afternoons. The doors of our rig face south. The deck faces west.

People will ask why we watch TV while camping. I tell them we are not campers, we are RVers. RVers can do it all. We can enjoy all of the luxuries afforded to us. We have four TVs in our rig. We have two satellite dishes. I want to buy some plants in planters to put around the stands of the satellite dishes to make them a little less noticeable. They do not offer cable TV so Dish Network with the sports package is what we will use to enjoy our TV entertainment.

Oak Alley offers free wired internet which is awesome. I am able to stream Netflix and all of the other internet programming I have available to me. Because the internet Oak Alley provides free of charge is so fast, I actually canceled the internet service I had through Nomad Internet that I was paying $150 a month for. I was probably going to cancel it anyway because we tried it for several months while traveling out west. We passed through many states and the WIFI signal was horrible in every state we traveled in and we had their most expensive plan.

Our flag flies high above our rig. We have a solar light at the top of our flagpole to illuminate our flag at night.

From our deck, we can see the office. Hubby likes this because he has a birdseye view of every rig that comes into the park because they all have to stop at the office to register. Some days it is like watching a parade of RVs.

After dark, we turn on our outside lights. Our solar tiki torches come alive.

Oak Alley has a very nice pool and hot tub. Unfortunately, there is something wrong with the heater for both so the water is cold. The inside of the clubhouse is really nice.

Florida has some beautiful sunsets.

On this day, BooBoo and Bella are sunning themselves on the deck.

One of the first things we do is get our Benjiboo an appointment with our Florida groomer. We found this pet spa last year and these people are fantastic. I highly recommend this place. On this day, we only took Benji, but they will take all three when all three need groomed at the same time. Benji’s fur grows so fast he needs groomed in-between times.

Deb, the activities director hosted a wine walk. A bunch of us met at Deb’s site with our wine in hand and began our walk through the park. Many of us had a table of appetizers laid out for the walkers. I put out a tray of raw veggies and dip.

There was a very nice turnout. I imagine there was around 30 of us walking.

Is Johnny Cash in the park?

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if you see Johnny Cash, let me know.

One thought on “Oak Alley, Pawtique, & a fun evening for a wine walk.

  1. Congratulations on your new space, aka “home”! I’m so happy for you. It looks like wonderful amenities. And the wine walk~how fun! Your fur babies are so precious. Stay safe and God bless you all too. By the way, your rig is beautiful! I love the deck!

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